• If you are telling the truth than you have no respect for rules and regulations. Being 14 on a site that has a minimum age. Yet, probably you're a old man being weird. So let's say you're actual a child. You appear to be a normal child (baby) that is whining because you're not getting what you want. You have made a choice to tell your self you're bisexual. What is wrong with you? You're a spoiled little brat. Having a me me mind set.
    • heyineedtoaskaquestionpleasehelp
      Wow thanks for the help. What's wrong with you I was looking for a serious answer. I know I'm making myself sound like a brat now but I sure have a reason to. And don't accuse me of convincing myself that I'm bisexual. You don't know what I've been through. I'm not whining because I'm not getting what I want, I'm just here for a REAL answer.
    • heyineedtoaskaquestionpleasehelp
      Oh and by the way 13 is the minimum age to be on this site so maybe next time you should get your facts right, huh?
  • You talk too much.

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