• I usually let it happen first, then I say something just to gloat.
    • Ice man
      Maybe you're right, the guy's an asshole and it's his problem not mine. But I think I won't say anything later either, I'll just let the chips fall where they may. Thanks
  • i get out my camera!
    • Ice man
      LOL yes that's the best way to cherish the moment for all eternity. Thanks.
  • I would let it happen, make a smug face because if he recognized his mistake and looked around he/she would know they've made a fool of themselves, and your smug look is alike, yeah dumbass we all know that was stupid, guess your dumber than we thought. kinda look
    • Ice man
      Thanks. The smug look might just be the ticket because it's going to happen at a meeting, and I know a lot of others will be looking at him the same way.

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