• I only peel potatoes before boiling or making hash browns...Potatoes for baking just get washed before going into the oven...Check this out, at about 1:25 into the vid...Is it me or does she have a sexy way of saying "Sweet potater"...
    • Ice man
      She's just SEXY period. But you gotta love the way she swings her "Sweet Potater". : )
    • Azlotto
      Lol..."She's just SEXY period"...Indeed, she is a Superbabe.
  • I peel them.
    • Ice man
      That's the traditional way, which is fine too. Thanks : )
  • I don't boil potatoes but sometimes bake them. Anyway whatever way I prepare them I always leave the skin on. Is more healthy and tastes better.
    • Ice man
      At home I leave the skins on too. Thanks.

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