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  • Sure. You are at the beach and you see some cute 17 year old and you remember wistfully when you were 16 and think.... (If you mean pedophilia, no way. It is not only not interesting sexually, as the father of three small children, including a four year old little girl, it is offensive and sets every overprotective instinct I have into overdrive.) I am in my mid-40s and it is exciting to think that some young hot gal would still see me as sexy and want to sleep with me. Fantasies are fun, as the saying goes. Still there is no way. Forget what the law says - which is a sufficient deterrent - my sex life is interesting enough without adding "statutory" to it. The closest I ever got to acting on it was taking our 16 year old babysitter home one time and as she got out of the car she gave me a peck on the cheek, and said, "Thanks Mr....". (I had known her and her family since she was 12.) I came home and confessed all to my gf. She forgave me and she never looked back. (That last bit was a joke - just in case it didn't come across that way.)
    • officegirl
      If I could be 17 again I would have a relationship with you. OK don't know how cute I was but - I learned so much about everything from older men - older then being ten years older or whatever. You could lecture me whenever you wanted.
    • dorat
      Thanks. I'll take that as a compliment. You are so sweet. If life had been different.... At any rate, here is the irony to my answer. As I noted elsewhere, just today in fact, at age 23 and 24 I had a relationship with a 62 year old woman. I found her incredibly sexy and sophisticated - and oh by the way, I bet you were hot at age 17. Quit selling yourself short.
    • officegirl
      Was so amazing to me that men were interested in being with me. Looking back I guess I had a young and OK body but no boobs and though I had nice long hair then it was pretty stringy and oily and I had sort of an androgynous face. My point was that 17 yr olds like it as do 62 yr olds (of course I am not there quite yet and I will let you know just how sophisticated and sexy I feel when I get there!). And it is always amazing though of course now I have more confidence and know the drill so there is not the absolute euphoria of discovery there was back then when everything was new and wonderful.
    • dorat
      Well, I didn't know you back then. All I can say is that when men are giving you positive signals like you were obviously getting, then it is safe to assume that you were better - better looking, more charming personality - than you thought or think. Sometimes we go too easy on ourselves, sometimes too harsh. You, based on the evidence, are much the latter. As to the rest, all I can say is that the woman I dated - I was 23 and she was 62 when we first met - had me over a barrel. At first, I just remember thinking how good she looked. She was a sharp dresser and very attractive. As I got to know her I remember thinking how sophisticated she was and what she added to my life. We tried different restaurants, went to the opera, etc. I really felt like I was growing and that she made me better. In terms of sex, I think in a way she sort of mentored me. It was not like I was inexperienced - I had sex for the first time at age 16. Still, I think in a lot of ways she taught me what a woman expected of a man sexually - and I think I became a bit less selfish in bed. I also know that she made me feel incredible. She always told me that I made her feel good when we had sex - which every guy wants to hear at whatever age. I remember her saying that she loved the feeling of me inside her. That was I think probably the first time a woman had said that to me in that way and it made me feel great. I even - yes, I was 23 and had some maturing to do - had thought about proposing to her. The only reason I hesitated, aside from the fact that I was just getting on my feet career-wise and at that point never expected to move to DC, was that I knew I wanted children and that would not be possible. Still, I was pretty sure I was in love with her - probably one of only two or three times I felt that for any woman I dated until I met my gf. So I get why young guys are interested in older women and vice versa. My experience was nothing but good. One of those things you look back on when you are older and keep as fond memories. Nobody will replace my current gf ever in my life. She is all I will ever need and I love her with all my heart, but "the older woman in my life" really did teach me something and make me feel special and she will always hold a special memory for me. It does not surprise me that younger guys wanted to be with you - and that older guys wanted to be with you when you were younger. There is something there that is really special.
  • Under what age? I am attracted to positive and energetic young adult men younger than me which is probably most men! A few years ago I had a thing with a neighbor's kid who was 17 or 18. My husband was staying at a motel with another woman and he awkwardly came on to me and I was OK why not? I guess maybe most of us like to be instructor and teacher which is probably more nurture than "sexual fantasies" Not that I didn't enjoy - I did and he took all my suggestions, was a quick learner and would present himself every evening at 7:30 P.M. ready to go. I rather wanted to continue with him after my husband returned but he stopped it probably because he was afraid of my husband.

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