• Up every DAY at 5A.M. Cannot change it (circadian clock). Jan.30
    • Ice man
      Thanks. That's the life of a farmer. There's always chores to do when you have animals to look after, then there's always something to fix when the regular chores are done.
  • id rather stay in bed but with the construction going on outside i cant always do that
  • probably both
  • id rather stay in bed but i get bored laying there not sleeping cause im slept out which is when i get up
  • Various mostly 5am sometimes 4 am I never lay in, probably because in my early years I had to get up at 4.30 am to catch the train to Sydney for 8am for a few years the train guard would wake me every time at my stop
    • Ice man
      It kind of makes you wonder what time the train guard had to get up .... : )

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