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  • No don't think I would be much interested in that. I know men do, just like we do, but just seems sort of a waste to me when they could be with us. Not sure I have ever watched a man do that. I'm thinking I must have but don't remember that I ever did.
    • dorat
      If you don't even remember, I think you've made the point. Definitely not a turn-on for you. Again, interesting, the science says that men are the visual ones and women are more verbally oriented. I think - though I don't know - that most guys will say yes. (We'll see if any reply to the question.) Funny thing, though, depending on the context, my gf thinks it is sexy. If she were to accidentally barge in on me, she would not find that sexy, but if we are getting "romantic," so to speak, she says that she thinks it can be hot. (She actually mentioned the point I made about cumming on himself. That seems to turn my gf on and she suggested I mention it. Thanks for your answer. Great to hear from you.
    • officegirl
      Guess you have heard from me a lot lately - perhaps too much! But thank you for having similar interests on here. I think it is that we are supposed to be more into feeling while men are more into visual. But of course there are individual differences too and its not just we are all just the same always. I know men like to watch us do it but I get so embarrassed and feel pressured and like I am being judged it just takes forever. And only if I close my eyes and pretend I'm alone could I get there. What alone takes me only a few minutes to get there multiple times. Just seems so personal and solitary and not proper with men present - I want to be with them.
    • hot&ready
      I use to watch my BF masturbate all the time..I really got turned on seeing his cock grow in size and when he would shoot his cum.
  • Mmmm hmmm.
  • Mmmm hmmm.

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