• Maybe they're going through something and it's effecting their humor?
    • Ice man
      Thanks, good answer. I'm not sure of anything, but I suspect you are right. ; )
  • I think when you get to the point you can no longer laugh at least at yourself it is too bad. No I am the one they think never had much a sense of humor. Plus I don't mind being serious most of the time.
    • Ice man
      Thanks , but I wasn't talking about you. I have an old military buddy who has always been the life of the party and lately he's been unusually quiet and won't open up. I am concerned about him.
    • Ice man
      Update - It took a half a dozen beers but I finally got my buddy to open up about what's going on. His wife has been diagnosed with cancer.
    • officegirl
      Sorry to hear that Im. Those things are very personal and many people want to keep it private. To avoid the awkward sympathy they will have to endure.

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