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  • Interesting! Let me check it out.
    • Ice man
      Thanks, maybe it has to be a mutual thing ? You're one of the ones I selected and you weren't there last night but you appear there this morning. Fingers crossed. : )
    • Ice man
      Another person I selected has just appeared as well. Dec.5,2016
  • Finally! I've been waiting for a following feature since the AB relaunched.
    • Ice man
      Me too, we can now rejoice, and it seems to be working a lot better today. Hopefully it'll help in following conversations.
  • Yes~Nice feature Dec.05
    • Ice man
      I agree. One step at a time, but we'll get there. : )
  • I'm afraid to follow because I learned you can't unfollow I'm afraid to follow because I learned you can unfollow. And no one had to ask my permission to follow me
    • Ice man
      To the best of my knowledge we still can't "unfollow" and yes, no one has to ask you first. At least you can see who is following you .. from your profile page, click on the yellow box with the number of followers. If you click on their avatars it'll take you to their profile page. I'm not sure if you can do that from your phone ?
    • Linda Joy
      Yes. That's how I discovered profiles after clicking on the profile tab at the top of the page and seeing my own then I saw the followers and found their profiles I discovered how to get to other people's profiles on accident

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