• Lol...If I was forced to go watch figure skating, I'd be so full of beer, I'd be immune to torture.
    • Ice man
      I hear ya, I'd probably have to take a jug to pee in. : )
  • I use to watch a lot of hockey years ago. But over time, I lost interest in it.
    • Ice man
      Don't feel bad, I lost interest way back when they started asking an arm & a leg for a 1 time ticket to get in..
  • Not really. I'm a tennis fan.
    • Ice man
      For some reason I prefer to watch the ladies tennis. The men's tennis is so boring, I think. ; )
  • I used to watch figure skating twenty years ago when people like Paul Wylie and Michele Kwan were performing. I did go to some shows at the Harvard Arena.
    • Ice man
      I was never a big fan but I use to marvel at what some of their maneuvers were called. I remember many years ago, my mother watching it on Wide World of Sports, and yelling "Did you see that ?" I'd say "what?", she'd answer"that was the best triple sow-cow ever!!!" and I would just sit there wondering how did they ever dream that name up. : )
    • DAVE
      i like hockey
  • Both. And I think I favor hockey over figure skating but I wish they wouldn't fight so much.
  • I am favorite team St Louis Blues keep losing. Gets very depressing, also I believe the season is way to long. I mean playing for the cup in June, does anybody care at that point.
    • Ice man
      I agree about the season being way too long and too many teams, but there are those who think it should be longer.
  • You bet I do. I like the intense competition and fights that go with agressive play.
    • Ice man
      A good Hockey game can indeed be very exciting.

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