• More often than not, software companies in Singapore are registered as private limited companies. So, the process of registering a software company is same as companies of other industries. There is no separate regulation mandated for the software industry. Before starting any business operation, one must register the company with ACRA (Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority), the national regulator. The process can be completed by undertaking two easy steps- company name approval and company registration. While the first step can be completed in just an hour, it takes hardly 1-3 days to get the company registered in Singapore.
  • Registering a software company in Singapore is no different than any other companies. If you are planning to set up your business as a private limited company, be sure to register with ACRA, the company registrar, before you commence the business operation. The entire process can be done using an online filing system called BizFile+. There are some minimum requirements which must be met to register the company in a legitimate way. You can take the assistance of professional company incorporation specialist to complete the process hassle-freely. The professionals of these firms are well aware of the Singapore Companies Act and can deliver high-end & compliant-friendly corporate services.

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