• And why is this site so screwed up that it won't post the entire question, and won't let me edit it either?
    • Ice man
      I think they may have fired up before working out all the angles. I can think of a dozen other things that would be extremely helpful, but I also think we have to be patient and give them time to work out all the bugs first. Rome wasn't built in a day (bad example, I know). I'm curious as to what was cut off from your question, what was the link that you'd like to see?
    • Jewels Vern
      I would like to see a link to all unanswered questions, and a link to all new posts on questions I have participated in
    • Ice man
      I agree. : )
  • Maybe they'll be adding it. I see new things popping up every day. I see social share on questions now. Didn't notice that before.

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