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  • No. I presume you are referring to claims made for apple cider vinegar, which seems to be a popular new age health panacea. Apart from the flavour it imparts when using for cooking and in salad dressings, apple cider vinegar really doesn't do any of the things people claims it does. On the other hand, it doesn't have any adverse health effects, which is more than can be said for some so-called health products peddled today.
  • what can i use to remove meth from my system in 24 hours
  • No, it does not. "There is a myth that drinking vinegar will mask drugs; it won't. However, vinegar lowers the pH of urine. Amphetamines are excreted up to 3 times as fast when urine is acidified. So vinegar could reduce the detection time period for amphetamines. The effects on detection time are generally insignificant, and it in my opinion it really wouldn't be worth it to drink vinegar. If you do decide to drink vinegar, I hear it's easiest to get a shot glass and do it in shots. It will cause diarrhea."
  • You can go to the nearest detox facility. Here's a phone number: 1-866-266-6616 Do yourself a favor and get cleaned up.
  • No Vinigar is no good, If you want to clean any drug out of your system and be clean within' a day, go to the drug store buy a bottle of Niacin pills, they are a metabolism booster. But it only works if you don't use drugs after taking it, before you take the drug test.
  • This rumor has cost many people their jobs or the chance to get a good job. Best thing is to quit. I made that choice many years ago, and very proud of myself for having done so.
  • Let me personally clear the air about Niacin. My friends got me sooo freaking high 3 days before I joined the Air Force! Im talking several joints and a blunt. I know that is completely stupid to do right before joining... but all the bs aside. I went and bought Niacin from GNC. You have to ask for it because it is normally behind the counter. I bought the 250 mg tablet bottle. I took 3-250 mg tablets every day for the 3 days following. I was pissed tested the 3 day at MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) and I was piss tested 2 weeks after that at basic training at Lackland AFB. I dont know why there are soo many people that think Niacin doesnt work but believe me... it does! There is nothing else that would have caused me to pass those tests... nothing in that short amount of time. Niacin works, but you have to take it for several days and at least 750 mg a day. (My suggestion because I know it worked). You will itch and burn like hell but its worth it. I later perfected the way to take Niacin. Perfected as much as you can anyway. Go to sleep and set you alarm for like 3am. Wake up... pop 3- 250 mg pills and go back to sleep. You wont even notice it. Try it... you will be soo surprised! I just wanted to give back something! Enjoy
  • It's supposed to, or at least I've heard. Vinegar is in pickle juice, which a lot of people drink if they know they have a drug test comeing up. I also saw in a movie where a guy shot vinegar up his... "manhood". But, that was a movie.
  • go gets some veil then drink lots of water flush it out
  • i know of two ways that you can pass a drung test. 1. Drink a 3-6 cap fulls of vinegar mixed with honey and water, stir it so the vinegar isnt such a harsh taste.( I have done this on multiple drug tests after smoking weed a day or two before, and passed.) 2. 4 tylenols acouple of hours before you go in it coats your system.(This just coats your system, were your piss wont pust out as much THC as it should, which will give them a slim to none detection of it.)
  • i drank about a pint of red wine garlic vinegar the night before i had to test i chased it with about 3 bottles of water. i was sick to my stomach and pissed non stop for over an hour,i had smoked weed on thursday night, drank the vinegar sun. night and tested negative monday morning. you can't however be a habitual pot head and think some vinegar will clean you up, it happened to be my b-day and i hit the bong 3 times and the blunt 3 times. the level of thc in me was minimal seing how it was a one time thing....good luck
  • I Hope It Works, Because If I Get Caught With Pot In My System Again, Im Dead
  • depends how much u smoke and when but if u take a couple of shots of vinegar from a shot glass u can dilute it with water or orange juice ( its deff harsh on the stomach too i just took 2 and i feel the burn and nauseated) and drink a bunch of water, cranberry juice and green tea u should be fine do this abt 2 days before the drug test u should pass :) good luck !!
  • yes. but if i was you i would go get some (AZO) CRANBERRY PILLS and VITAMIN B and B2 trust me they work you will be clean in a matter of hours i have got clean in 11 hours with the AZO not even a day i had to stop smoking these are all over the counter vitamins
  • no it doesnt go to cvs and buy green tea extract take 20 or 30 a day and drink tons of water youll pass
  • All I can say is- I don't know, and it's very sad that your country is living in the past with it's illegal stance on marijuana and mandate drug testing! Come to Canada!
  • Nope, sorry.
  • i dont know but i just tried it and my stomach isnt feeling too good hah
  • yes it does. i do it all the time and i always come back negative. i take a shot of vinegar the night before the test and drink a ton of water. you have to pee plenty of times before morning. the in the morning take 1 tablespoon of vinegar and continue to drink plenty of water (only water during all this time) and pee at least 2 times before the test.
  • No nothing will clean it out i am 120 days smoke free and still test positive for weed, take up a herion habit, it stays in your system alot less time
  • drink bong water
  • If vinegar doesn't work im screwed. I quit for 12 days then I smoked for 3 days I drunk some shit that made me diarreah and then I smoked today and I have a drug test this week. How much vinegar does it take???
  • haha i heard it does...but then someone MORE reliable told me it doesn't work for drug tests but alcohol tests...
  • yes it does, you all are stupid for thinking it doesent. it may taste like shit, but it gets it out of your system in one day.
  • Yes it does. Start a week ahead preferably.
  • I have used apple cider vinegar for 4 drug test and it worked 3 out of 4 times. The 4th time i tried it i was so confident that it worked that I smoked the day of the test and of course it failed. What you need to do is stop smoking a couple days before the test and make sure the cider vinegar is in your pee while you take the test. A few shots the day before and about 1/4 to 1/2 the bottle that day. You will feel the burn in your stomach and know that the THC is disintegrating in your pee. So there you go. I have been an everyday smoker for years and passed three test with apple cider vinegar. So there you are, do it right and it will work.
  • No. Find out more info about detoxing at I have followed their advice for years, and have never had any problems when I need to be toxin free!
  • Man I got a great job at toyota and i will be tested on friday!! today is wendsday and i smoked weed on tuesday, monday, and sunday.. i bought this full body natural cleansing thing from gnc,, ( make sure it has niacin, and b-12,, or sumin like that))) and im sooo worried,, if i get the job, ima quit.--------well ima quit 4 a bit...lmao,, but il be back on friday night to finish this lil blog off
  • no man i wish but if u drink a shit loads of water or drink grape juice a lot or other really strong vitamic drinks like orange stuff
  • no that is false vinegar just taste like ass sorry to say that there is really know way to get pot out of your system other than to stop smoking i know i have heard drink tons of water right before take supplements cranberry juice sweat it out cuz it is fat suilable but here is the straight facts the over the counter cleansers u can buy to pee clean will clean you out to the point that you pee water you can try Vitimms but didn't work any of the times for me fake urine does work tho its pretty full proof for jobs i would stick to fake piss or stop smoking cuz its all bull promise lost a 90k a year job over it
  • no that doesnt work. here wat you need to do just take an effredent tablet 30 mins before your test. its just a densure cleaning pill but it works everytime. i smoke before court drug test and pass them everytime

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