• You can get .MP4 and MKV codec and your DVD Movie maker will show a fake preview with the normal .mp4 playing in the background and etc... but once it is about convert it 0.1 -> 1% it will tell you that it cannot convert and that you need to find the correct codec's. So the best thing to do is Get "Alive MP4 Converter" and convert your .mp4 to Xvid .AVI (DivX of Alive MP4 Converter will not work) and then use Windows DVD Maker. Codec or not Windows DVD Maker will NOT CONVERT! MP4/MKV to DVD. Only WMV, MPEG?, Avi, and some Divx's(if renamed to avi) But if you have a MKV file use either: 1.) OJOsoft MKV Converter 2.) mkv2vob (Its Free)(Was meant to be a MKV -> PS3 VOB maker)

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