• I think it's true. I mean why pay $1 for a set of checks when you can pay 1/2 price than original. It's still the same thing.
  • Why wouldn't you want you want designer checks with each member of Kiss prominently displayed?
  • If you're referring to actual bank or credit union "designer" checks I agree they are very expensive. However, now there are several check companies that offer the same kind of personalized checks to the customer for very low prices. But I applaud you for being practical and going with the "free ones".
  • Checks in general are a waste of money. I just use my debit card.
  • Perhaps some of the times you will take out the checks and you are having a bad day , the pictures on the checks might make you cheer up a bit isn't this worth a bit of extra money.
  • Well what ever you are I must be to I ONLY use the free ones myself. Who cares what is on them.

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