• well you see i dont think there are any scientists dropping test rocks through the atmosphere to figure that out. also it would depend largely on what angle it hit at too. the variables are to vast for there to be an accurate answer even if we had the means to test it
  • I think that no asteroid would make it through Earth's atmosphere "intact", they would all lose some of their mass because of friction with the atmosphere.
  • At which end?
  • I think what they mean is that many asteriods hit the earths atmosphere every day, but how large would one have to be to come in contact with the earth. We know it degenerates on the way down, but how big does it have to be starting off in order for it to make it past the atmosphere without completely burning up.
  • I don't know, but I see shooting stars most nights and I have seen one that was still visible only a couple of metres above the ground, so it must have been close to the size at which some mass would still remain on impact.
  • well the smallest it would be by the time it hit the gruond would be the size of a base ball, but they may be able to land smaller than that. It all depends on how big it was when it first started it's descent from the atmosphere.

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