• Not by me...Unless it hits me in the face.
  • Littering yes, harmless littering, especially in the woods sure, on someone's lawn...liter. I feel alot less guilty throwing a half an apple out on a country road then a bag of McDonalds in suburbia.
  • I would not throw anything out of the car window but a stray hair or a booger. A banana peel would just decompose on the road and be nasty. I would throw it in bushes or place it in a waste receptacle.
  • Where I live it is. ANYthing you throw out a window is a $500.00 fine.
  • I suppose that it is but it's biodegradable and will get recycled into the environment soon enough. It is unsightly, however, and I would probably not do it.
  • No...from the earth it the earth it returns...;) (only for biodegradeables)
  • Yes ,don't throw anything out the window. Wait till you get home and throw it in your yard.
  • Even though a banana peel is biodegradable, it still has to decompose. It the meanwhile, it's a nasty greasy gross blob , and that lying in the street is gross, so, I say , Yes ... It's still littering.
  • Since it's biodegradable you can litter it with out getting in trouble, but you would however get in trouble for throwing it out your car window because that creates a hazard for anyone driving behind you.
  • Yes, it is legally considered littering. I only throw apple cores out my window, and that's only when I'm next to an uninhabited area, and be sure to get it all the way over the grassy area by the side of the highway to avoid being lawnmower bait. An apple core under normal circumstances is completely gone within 24 hours. Insects eat the apple, birds eat the seeds. The stem may be left, but even that is doubtful. Banana peels take a good while to decompose. If you're interested, put one in a corner of your backyard and watch how long it takes to disappear. They're not quite as bad as eggshells, but they're one of the longest things I know of to degrade.
  • I dunno, do think your playing Mario Kart?
  • My father pitched a banana peel out the window of his moving car and he got an earful from my mother and person in the car behind him honked their horn at him. Hearing this story is funny because my father said it was not litter because it was organic. What would have been really hysterical is if the banana peel landed on the windshield of the car behind him.

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