• Wait and hope for the best.
  • As horrible as it sounds, you should wait. If you do anything else, you'll probably just piss him off or weird him out. At your age, they may well not be together for that much longer. I know how bad this sounds and how bad you must feel, believe me, but if you do anything rash or impulsive you're only going to feel worse.
  • I for one am going to say that you should tell him if you think that he wont get mad. But if you think that he is the type of person that would not, then just wait. Sorry hun. I know that sucks.
  • There is no problem with the best friend part. Girlfriends come and go. Be ready when this one goes.
  • Definitely hang on. That happened to me. My best friend (a guy) had a girlfriend. I had always had a huge crush on him, but they had been going out for around two years, so I just let it go. Then all of the sudden, they broke up and now he likes me and I don't like him HANG ON!
  • I think you have to wait the girlfriend out. If they are happy together, as painful as it will be to you, then that is what you should want for them. If you love him/her as much as you say you do, then you will want him/her to be happy.
  • I think if hes your friend you should respect his relationship! That way YOUR relationship with him will be lasting..friends or whatever else may come...
  • I'm in the same boat, sweetie. God It reallllly sucks. How long have him and his gf been dating? Do they have a stable relationship?
  • what if you love someone and they have a boyfriend but she cares the same about you?
  • wait patiently if they're worth it and be the best friend you can possibly be and do everything possible for their happiness
  • Only you know the answer to this... do you love him as a friend, or are you missing his closeness? I would be sure of how I feel for him. Perhaps you're simply feeling neglected as a friend? In that case, talk to him, he'll understand.

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