• Look up Chemistry on wikipedia and find out.
  • Haven't you ever heard the expression "Better Living Through Chemistry?" :)
  • The chemistry between a man and a woman is a beautiful thing...
  • Everything that we have benefits from chemistry. Chemistry describes the way atoms interact with each other. If chemistry did not exist, then atom would not bond and they universe would be made entirely of liquids, gases, and plasma. There would be no solids or compounds of any kind. Without compounds there would be no life. So, if chemistry did not exist, we would not even be here to ponder what it has done for us.
  • Chemistry has infinite areas of study and applications. One that comes to my mind first is the study and manufacturing of vaccines, medications for example, which have saved millions of lives.
  • All the chemicals that we use!!! From shampoo to Aspirin to McDonalds.
  • Adled many a mind of the present generation
  • do you have a few days for someone to fully answer that question?
  • It has given the undertakers a lot of money as people have become ill from the health damaging effects of petrochemicals poisoning their food directly from petrochemical insect, weed, fungus and other controls. Toxic petrochemical fertilizers alike pest controls poison the air, soils, waters, including those where bottled water is tapped, and poison the oceans and life that depends on waters. This is good only if you are in the business of reducing the symptoms of disease, because petrochemical pharmaceuticals do not alleviate disease, they only reduce the symptoms. Most physicians do not know how to recognize when people have been poisoned or made ill from petrochemicals, versus other illnesses because the symptoms are often the same. Hence, they are taught to reduce symptoms, but not cure diseases. This is more money for the pharmaceutical industry, which makes products from fossil fuel chemistry. Petrochemical chemistry has increased the rate of developmental and reproductive disorders in all animals and mammal species in the planet. Not every person nor every animal have these disorders, but representatives of every animal and person does. And the numbers are increasing. Modern chemistry is destroying the endocrine system of life as we know it. If you have a positive outlook and look only at your bottom line, this is good. Otherwise, wake up a smell the coffee, which is hopefully grown without petrochemical chemistry and not packaged in products that leach into food.
  • It has reduced the population of the planet by reducing the ability of many animals and people to have families. It has caused sterility in both animals and mammals --people; developmental and reproductive disorders and cancers. This means that people will have to try to have children at younger and younger ages, before the chemicals have built up in their bodies, or that they cannot reproduce simply because their reproductive organs have been altered by modern chemistry and its by-products, which are in everyone's body on the planet. An example, is polychlorinated biphenyls, 99% of which were made by Monsanto, and are found in every mammal and animal on the planet from the newborn human, fish and mammals in remote places on the planet. PCBs contribute to health threatening diseases and death, thereby reducing the population on the planet by every living thing, hence reducing over population. Chemistry has also given us chemicals of war like Agent Orange, which have poisoned the soils, waters, and food worldwide, but especially where the chemicals were made in beautiful New Zealand, or sprayed, in Vietnam. Third generations of humans and animals, have severe birth defects if they survived the immediate cause of death from the herbicide spraying. The manufacturers have blocked the Vietnam veterans and the Vietnam people from receiving payment to help reduce the adverse effects, which continue to this day. And now chemistry is bringing us nanotechnology, genetically modified seeds which are patented so that the manufacturers of petrochemical weed killers, and other pest controls can make more money forcing farmers to buy there seeds, and sign contractual agreements to purchase their petrochemical pest controls. This is good for Monsanto, and Dow AgroSciences (both of whom had made chemicals of war) and well as other biotech-pest control companies. Monsanto bought out 80-90% of the seed companies in North America. Where ever good things have occurred, others have been left in its wake. Public health, the world's farmers and the sustainability of life and health on the planet are at severe risk of demise...unless the public wakes up and takes action politically.
  • "Better Living Through Chemistry" is a propaganda slogan from Dow Chemical. Dow along with Monsanto created Agent Orange used during the Viet Nam war to eliminate the foliage. The problem was that Agent Orange destroyed far more than the foliage. It poisoned the waters, the fisheries, the soil, the air, went into the skin of both the U.S. forces of Vietnam veterans and the Vietnamese farmers. Both victims and their families have severe birth defects and cancers because of Agent Orange. Yet, neither the U.S. government, nor the companies take responsibility for destroying lives of generations upon generations of children and the men and women who put their lives on the line for the country who betrayed them to protect the corporations that destroyed their health. Dow created napalm and breast implants. And, Dow created Dursban, an insecticide conclusively proven to cause neurological disorders and birth defects. As a result, a four year phase out of the toxic chemical was put into play. As of Dec.31, 2004, the chemical was to no longer be legal, but according to the Washington Post, Dow and the [Bush-Cheney] EPA "are striking a deal to allow this toxic chemical's continued use. There are no new studies that justify this, but Dow is suddenly claiming chlorpyrifos is safe for kids. As a note on the legitimacy of that claim, in 2003, Dow was fined $2 million for illegally making false safety claims about its pesticides." See: EPA and Dow Chemical Cutting Backroom Deal to Lift Pesticide Ban By Juliet EilperinWashington Post Staff WriterTuesday, December 21, 2004; Page A03 or Good things chemistry has done for us. It depends upon your mission. This is good if you only want to make money from these toxic products, regardless of the consequences and want to continue keeping the public controlled and ignorant. If you are an unethical, immoral corporation that uses chemistry to make money, I suppose this is good. It all depends upon what you know and your view point.
  • Medicines, made up of chemical substances.
  • Viagra!
  • It has limited the ability for people and animals to reproduce or give birth to healthy offspring, which do not have significant levels of plasticizers in their blood. The plasticizers are widely known to contribute to the risk of developmental disorders of the reproductive tract as well as hormone disruption, compliments of modern chemistry. For more information, go to

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