• I would just tell him after work one night (that way he can't make you work all day then fire you) that you have found a better job you thank him for the experiance he has given you but your out of here. I am hoping to say this soon
  • Just tell them that you have accepted a better position and have decided to resign. Put in you two weeks notice and if they decline it that's their loss.
  • I know its hard, but keep it clean. I more than anyone understand the desire to sing the "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I quit!" song but don't forget that the job you're leaving will probably be on your resume for awhile. So hold it in and maybe you can hang him in effigy later!
  • I would hand in a written resignation and work out my two week notice.
    • BRG
      I TOTALLY AGREE......leave with class!!!
  • To Whom It May Concern, I hereby give my notice of termination of employment at will. As of _____ 2 weeks from ____, I will no longer be an employee of this company. ____ will be my last working day. Thank you for the opportunity. Sincerely, Name
  • It's so tempting to want to blow it at the hateful boss. Everyone's answer is perfect ..... Nothing stops you from unofficially, and strictly on the sly and in a very passive-aggressive way, let everyone know how great your new job is, how much you won't miss the old boss, etc.
  • I would tell Human resources. Then I would tell my boss. And then I would put it in writing stating I was quiting and give a 2-4 weeks written notice depending on the position I have.
  • ... I am the only one at my TWO companies, so it is a bit harder for me to grasp this, but I'm sure I would do the usual polite letter of resignation, But I would be smiling to the extreme as I cheerily hand delivered it to the boss very early in the day, before normal start work time, with a, "Sir/maam, thanks (hand it to them), BYE! (return to work)"
  • definitely give at least two weeks written notice, thank your soon-to-be-former employer for your time there (no matter how much you hated them), confirm your future job first!
  • Just give your 2 weeks' notice and be civil. Don't burn bridges.
  • just say, "look man/ woman i have bills to pay, and this job isnt helping me get them paid, so unfortunately im going to have to find employment elsewhere...Have a great life : )"
  • Go out like a class act the way Penny the Wise and others have suggested.
  • Do not shit in your nest, you may need this person as a reference in the future. Give your notice and if your current boss discharges you early great, if not, stay on for the two weeks notice.
  • You have nothing to lose by being polite and professional. Never burn your bridges. Give two weeks' notice and request a *written* letter of reference, so that your boss can't give you a lousy one whenever he/she feels like it. Resist the temptation to take "parting shots" or say that you're leaving because of that boss. Just be happy that you're leaving, for more pay.
  • I like my boss but I don't like their I might just tell them the truth, that I'm sick and tired of them treating me like shit and good riddance.

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