• Well it tends to vary depending on what kind of firm you work for. Working for a a Public Accounting Firm in your Junior Years (0-3 years), you can make between $38,000 and $63,000, depending on the size of your firm Working for Corporate Accounting in your Junior Years, you make between $31,000 to $53,000, again depending on the size of your company. In your senior years (4-6 years), your annual salary can double.
  • It depends on which state you are working at. For example, in NY, CPA can make from 57k - 60k a year in big 4, and it is the salary when you start to work. In Baltimore, Maryland, CPA can make from 43k to 47k a year even you don't have a CPA yet, and this is the regular salary for regular local public accounting firm.
  • Depends where you live and if you work at a small or large firm. Google says in California it's about $66k.

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