• Believe it or not there are only 2 that will bond with Lexan efficiantly....super glue works fairly well but Plexiglue works the best...
  • A tube of silicone will not BOND the two. You need a cement. See the description below: (or you can google Polycarbonate Adhesives) IPS #40 is mostly acrylic monomer in composition and is a 2-part mix. This is the adhesive used by professionals for making aquariums and other bubble-free and highly structural bonds. It is the strongest of all the Plexiglass glues, and requires a bit of skill in its application. Excellent for bonding Plexiglass to Lexan and other materials as well.
  • Clear Silicon will not BOND polycarbonate. It might seal, it might hold, but it won't bond. You need a cement. IPS #40 will work. Google Polycarbonate Adhesive for a better answer!

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