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  • yes-I do. and it is the most liberating feeling. he is mine. I own him. his purpose is to do what i tell him
  • Most women I know and who have 24/7 slave are quite happy. They have a servant at any time and the most important hing seems to me that the slave has always to stay in distance and respect to his mistress. I know two very charming and nce ladies who own a riding-stable and who have a 24/7 slave who is working for them. All the money he earns, he gives to his mistresses and they give him food and boarding. He is an excellent cook and he is serving at dinner like a humble servant and it is out of any question that there will ever be a sexual relationship. The only thing is frequent oral service he has to do. After my opinion the two ladies are very happy.
  • unless she wants to be the slave some time
  • It is fun but, for a while. Being a master always is not something I would prefer. *giggles*
  • Westerners which practice this, be they females or males, are out of their minds. how could they act like anomals.....
  • The average woman or girl is nothing but a boring averag slut. So BDSM is much too sophisticated to fat and well fed and completely unsporty women with their fat bums. So you better forget about these things in most western countries.

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