• Try to see if you can get a scholarship or Grant for you and your brother. If you can get some financial aid through the school or something, I'm pretty sure your mom wouldn't object to that.
  • You may not be able to convince your Mum, as even if she thought it was a great idea, she may not be able to afford the $8000 for you to go. After saying that, though, you could tell her that you and your brother do not need to have identical lives, you can point out how it would broaden your life experience and you could learn things that you would not learn otherwise, you may learn another language and it may help your job opportunities in the future. Keep in mind that whatever you say, this is a decision only your Mum can make, and if she thinks it is not a good idea (for whatever reasons she has) then you will just have to accept it as it is.
  • 8000 dollars is alot of money and to pay it twice is crazy. Yes it will probably be a really great experience but if you really want to go get a job and pay for it yourself.If you cant raise 8000 by the time you go earn some of it and ask your mother to loan you the rest,then pay her back. it will teach you responsiblity for when you pay your own bills and you realize how much money 16000 dollars is
  • I would tell the that the cost is nothing compared to the life changing experience will occur when one goes to Europe.I went as a student and ended up staying a year.It changed myself and my view of my place in the world.It was the experience of my life for I learned a lot about true humanity through the Europeans.They know how to live.
  • Simple - come up with a way to pay for it yourself, and she couldn't possibly object.
  • She may be thinking with the war going on that it may be unsafe for you to go right now. I'm sure as a mother she's trying to look out for her children, us mothers have something called mother intution & we try to use it as often as that alarm goes off. It may be for a good reason why she don't want you going. But if she feels you would be ok & possibly talk with the host family you would be staying with then she may change her mind. There are alot of different things you can do, maybe asking local businesses for donations, having gift raffels like buying something nice that you know people would want then sell tickets & then have a drawing & give the prize away. Mowing yards & weed eating this time of the year would get you money quick. And if your brothers going to go he can help earn money too helping you.
  • My son is going to Australia next week with People to People Student Ambassadors group. It is pricey, but we have participated in car wash fund raisers that will partially pay for it and he had a pet-sitting & lawn care business that contributed. Another student's parents had a fish fry with live music (family member played guitar) where they asked for a $10 donation to attend, some other students made theme baskets to sell for various holidays to help fund the trip, etc. The life experience you would have is invaluable.
  • even if your mum doesnt agree, you are old enough to make your own descisions on what you want to do in life. i cant understand why your brother as got to do what you do. on the other hand though it is expensive, but if its what you really want to do then go for it. good luck
  • 1) I would have thought there were cheaper alternatives at least to spend a few month overseas. Check them out! If you knew some cheap place where you could stay, the flight would not be very expensive. 2) If you want to study a whole year, it depends on the conditions: - do you have to pay fees - are you going to a boarding school that you must pay. - maybe your kind of study is particularly expensive - am I mistaken, or does a student exchange involve another student living the same time with your parents? This would reduce the costs a lot. Maybe you could also become some kind of government help, if your mother does not have so much money. And you could also finance a part of it yourself by doing some job. 3) As I was a student, I spent more than one month on my holidays in the U.S. My greatfather paid for the flight and I had a place to live there.
  • $8000 is a lot of cash. Maybe if you paid it, she'd say okay.
  • maybe you can do that in college if you cant do it in high school, your mom probably cant afford it

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