• If we are talking about a magnetic pole shift - during the flip there may be a period of time of weak or no magnetic field to where cosmic/solar radiation would be more likely to reach the earths surface with minimal damage. Magnetic shifts have taken place many times in the past and are not tied directly to any extinction level event. If we are talking that the whole earth decides to roll upside down then the speed of that roll will have a great deal to do with its impact. If it is a gentle roll taking hundreds of thousands of years, then we could expect a line of freezing to follow the far side of the earth - which ever location gets locked in the perpetual night side assuming the north pole moves away or toward the sun. If it is quick, like in the span of 100 years or less then it would be due to some major disaster. That much mass suddenly moving in a direction against the flow of energy movement (spin is a movement of energy) would result in things flying across the surface - whole oceans would flow across continents, the terrible wind would blow faster than ever before. It is even possible that that much energy being displaced would great so much heat that the surface would melt. Since the crust sits on a semi-liquid mantel - we need to take into account how fluids work as well - a sudden movement of a spinning fluid would create eddies and whorls / maelstroms in the liquid (mantel and core) which could cause whole secions of the earth's crust to spin and then sink - like pulling the plug on a bathtub full of water, the spinning vortex of water at the drain would be the similar "eddy" effect of the whole mantel. Fortunately for us we have the Moon. The moon keeps earth from wobbling to the the extreme - or turning on its axis. For such an event to turn or flip the earth's physical axis a comet or small dwarf planet impact would need to take place. That alone would devastate the earth and no one or no thing would remain to feel the results of a pole shift.

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