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  • Hello, yes, I've played it. Each player is dealt 3 cards face down. Then they are dealt 7 cards in addition to the ones face down (the players cannot look at the face down cards until later). The players then choose 3 cards from their hands that each would like to use for later (2's reset the deck back to 0. 10's blow the deck up. 7's are invisible. Aces are the highest card (usually high cards are placed down). The remainder of the deck should be placed in the middle of the table. To start, the person to the right of the dealer places a card down (it is usually a low card 2,3,4..etc.). Then they pick up a card from the face down deck next to the pile. The person to the left then places a card down that's higher than the card on the table. If a player cannot beat the card on the table, they have to pick up the entire pile and the next person starts over. If one person has 3 4's or multiples of cards, they may play them all when it comes to their turn. If the deck is blown up (either by a 10 or 4 of the same kind of card (the cards that are blown up are placed on the side and no longer used for the rest of the game), that person may place down another card. Once all the cards in the hand are gone, the cards facing up on top of the cards facing downwards may be used. After these are used, the player randomly selects one of the face down cards that they were dealt in the beginning of the game to use. The objective is to be the first player out. Last player out is the "Village Idiot."

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