• Not really it's something that no matter how much you try to prepare for when the event happens you find that you really were'nt as ready as you thought.For 1st time moms this is especially true.
  • We planned our boy. We talked it over and agreed that we were as financially secure as we were ever going to be, marriage was strong enough, we were grown up enough and wouldn't resent the restrictions - neither of us felt like we would miss out on anything and finally that I was unlikely to ever feel broody, it wasn't going to happen so it was pointless to wait. We discussed how we would handle things, work, money, caring, who would do what, how we would discipline a child ,were we in agreement of how to raise a child etc. Then we had one. It wasn't a shock when he came, because we knew he was coming and we knew what and how we were going to do things.
  • Half and half, first time you get all new things and everything is perfect and ready. Then suddenly this new bundle of joy comes along and big but lovely shock. But second time round and 5 years age difference was a bigger shock to me. Still got all the bits but had a girl so boys stuff not much use. Also you forget how hard the first few weeks are. But wouldn't change my son or daughter for anything.
  • i doubt it, they are always a hand full!
  • I think it's not such a big deal. There are milions people in the world, they all get born, the all had parents in one moment or still have. A better question would be Can you ever really be a PERFECT parent?
  • No, but you muddle through and are as good a parent as you want to be. Thousands of generations succeeded before us and many more will do so after us. SOmetimes we think about things way too much.

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