• never.
  • No way no how.
  • No, because i would not want them to do that to me. and it would make me paranoid that they would find out or they would do the same.
  • No because even with the guarantee I would always know.
  • No. Even if my partner never knew, I would know! I'm very happy in our relationship; I wouldn't want to stuff it up by bringing on board a boatload of guilt, sexual confusion and self-hatred - because that's what would happen to me. I've ruined a good relationship once by cheating. I would never do it again. People just need to keep an eye on me, because I tend to forget this sort of argument against cheating when I become manic.
  • I would never and would never even think that way - NO
  • No......they may not find out but I would know and that would be to much.
  • No. They would know someday, because God knows.
  • That's terrible. No
  • no because i know how i would feel if it happened to me and its just wrong to do that when you are in a relationship. i know how much it hurts so i would never do that to my bf
  • nah, what's the point? i'm not that greedy. or horny. or whatever.
  • Absolutely Not! I dont want to be cheated on so I definately wouldnt do it to the one I Love. The guilt alone would haunt me forever so no, no way, and never would I cheat.
  • No. Our relationship would never be the same because I would be riddled with guilt. When I'm feeling guilty about something I get distant. I would never get over anything like that.
  • yes. i hav an amazing relationship with my super nice, really good bf, but im still in love with my bad boy, whore of an ex. I cheated on my bf with my ex and ended up having to come clean because too many people were finding out. my bf is so in love with me that he forgave me and we're still together. however, once again i cheated on him, more severely this time and with the same guy. he doesn't know tho, and i don't plan to get caught. even thought he's a good guy, there's just something that's missing that i get from my ex, but i don't want to lose my great relationship with my bf.
  • Aaaww, the old "trick question". How can you possible cheat on someone, AND have a good relationship with them? In my book, that isn't possible, because I don't lie to people with whom I'm in a relationship with.
  • No. Maybe he would never know, but I would know. I don't stay faithful because of who my husband is, but because of who I am.
  • Well that is a big "what if" which has no real bearing of real life because it only exists in theory. I guess probably because I have without such a guarantee though I always tried to be discreet and mostly they never found out. I think we are only human and as much as we desire security we also desire love and sex and romance. Ideally there is room for such in a good relationship but mostly when there is not then we "cheat" more or less.

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