• I think most generations have things that they will and won't talk about. My Dad is 83 years old and as a kid you would never talk about the "s" word you know sex. You couldn't even call someone pregnant - I guess that's because it was too closely related to that "s" word. My kids appear to be very comfortable about talking about that topic with us in a very respectful way.
  • I am grateful he feels like he can tell me anything even though I wish i didn't know some of the things he tells me.
  • yes he has.
  • Yes. I raised four sons and now have grandchildren. From early ages I cultivated each relationship in a way that they felt comfortable telling me anything they wanted or needed. I promised to always answer their questions with total honesty. Age appropriately, of course. We were very close and still are today. I gave them age appropriate information as they grew up about love, sex, religion and life. I never laughed or made fun of their questions. They felt comfortable and we were open to one another. Most importantly, I listened intently as they talked looking them in the eyes. Most parents do not really listen without interrupting. Listening is a refined quality.

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