• Scrapbooking. =) Is that clever?
  • home made stickers? i make a design, cut it, and then stick it on the dubble sided tape leaving the back sticky.
  • Is it kosher to offer an answer to one's own Q that no one might have thought of? Have you ever sealed a bill-pay envelope but forgotten to put the check in? And the stamp is already on? I have, a few times. I open the envelope carefully and peel the stamp off carefully. They'll NEVER stick again the way they are, but a strip of double-sided tape where the stickum used to be works really well, you don't have to re-address an envelope or cough up 40 cents for another stamp, and it doesn't look as though you've burgled your own mail. Other use - those pretty surplice-wrap dresses and tops can gap open, but a strip of double-sided tape along the place where the top is supposed to cross over is invisible and prevents gapping. Comes off easily, too.

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