• Madisonville was founded in 1807 and named for James Madison (who was then Secretary of State). In the early 1900s, it was a rail hub, coal mining center, and had a large tobacco market. This continued until the 1960s when manufacturing and services became more popular. During the 1970s, Regional Medical Center and Trover Clinic were built by the Trover Foundation. RMC is a 410 bed hospital that offers services typically found in larger cities (such as lifeflight, women's health centers, and a comprehensive cancer center). Trover Clinic is a ten level clinic and administration building that offers most medical tests and procedures. Six additional clinics are operated by Trover Foundation in Western Kentucky. In 2003, a man named Russel Earl Winstead violently killed his 85 year old aunt, Ann Branson. Branson was one of the city's most wealthy and privileged businesswomen. Winstead later appeared on Fox Broadcasting CompanyFox's America's Most Wanted. In 2005, he was captured in Costa Rica and is now set for trial. In 2006, a former pharmacist who was believed to be involved in a drug ring was murdered — either as a result of, or by, fire. The story, as of 2 March 2006, is still developing. On November 15, 2005, Mid-November 2005 Tornado Outbreaka tornado ripped through the city, destroying some parts of it. The tornado began to form around 3:00 PM. The electricity in some parts was down until 7:00 PM, and in others until 9:00. The local Country Club neighborhood was greatly affected by the storm; however, the Country Club's clubhouse remained intact. Madisonville resident and former Boston Celtics star, Frank Ramsey (basketball)Frank Ramsey's home was destroyed in the storm; fortunately, he was spared. The mayor, Karen Cunningham ordered a curfew in parts of the city and declared a state of emergency. Despite the 2005 tornado, Madisonville has a very bright future. The route for Interstate 69 will follow the current Pennyrile/Breathitt Parkway and signs have gone up noting the future of the road. Just south of the city, Interstate 66 will follow the Western Kentucky/Ford Parkway and the Western Kentucky/Ford Parkway west of the Pennyrile Parkway will be an overlay of Interstates 66 and 69. The local newspaper has called this intersection "The New Crossroads of America." The road plans have much political support from the area because they follow existing interstate-grade roads and upgrading costs will be minimal. In addition, highway 70/85 is currently being widened to five lanes from the Parkway east to the airport. A new shopping center is being added in this area in addition to several shopping centers, two movie theaters, and numerous restaurants already in place. The Madisonville Municipal Airport has recently undergone an expansion project for its terminal and runway. Source:

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