• Originally, Churubusco was two towns, named Union (in honor of the union victory of the United States Civil WarCivil War) and Franklin (in honor of the founding father, Benjamin Franklin) that bordered each other on either side of a railroad track. In the 1840s, the population of both Franklin and Union grew large enough to qualify for a post office. Before that time, residents of both towns either had to trek 11 miles by foot or horse and buggy to nearby Columbia City, IndianaColumbia City to get their mail. Since the towns were in the same location, the United States Postmaster GeneralPostmaster General ordered that the towns apply for a joint post office. The Postmaster General also denied both "Union" and "Franklin" as the post office name since both were already taken by other Indiana towns. After a community meeting, the town got its unusual name from Churubusco, Mexico, the site of the 1847 Battle of Churubusco during the Mexican-American War. At the time the townsfolk thought it was as patriotic as either Union and Franklin since the United States won a large victory there. And they were certain that no other town would already have chosen such a unique name. The name Churubusco is a Spanish (language)Spanish corruption of a Nahuatl toponym celebrating the god Huitzilopochtli. The town has an annual festival called Beast of BuscoTurtle Days rooted in the lore of the Beast of Busco, a giant snapping turtle that reportedly haunted nearby Fulk's Lake in Allen County, IndianaAllen County. Source:

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