• Bluff City went through a series of name changes, having been changed a number of times during the American Civil War based on the nation in charge at the time. Names for Bluff City (including merged communities) have included Choate's Ford, Middletown, Union, Zollicoffer and finally Bluff City in 1887, the same year of its incorporation as a city. Additional History From Bluff City is a thriving little town on the East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railroad, at its crossing of the Holston River. It has, undoubtedly, changed its name as a post office and village more often than any other place in the State. It was originally known as Choate's Ford. Upon the establishment of a stage line from Abingdon to Knoxville, it became known as Middletown, but when it was laid off as a town, after the completion of the railroad, it was named Union. During the war it became Zollicoffer, but in 1865 the former name was restored, and it continued to be known as Union until July 1, 1887, when it received its present name. The site of the town was originally owned by Elisha Cole, but subsequently became the property of David McClellan, who was the owner when the railroad was built. Source:

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