• This probably isn't very helpful, but I've been thinking about that too. It's always the males that go on these rampages. I don't think that any of them have been female. Maybe because of the role switching where boys are allowed to cry and talk about their feelings that they suddenly have all these emotions and don't know how to properly control them. Maybe the females are instead holding IN those emotions instread of letting them out, therefore not doing such damage to the people around them. I think we might be putting alot of pressure on boys today, because previously, they had a role in the world. They were the providers. But unintentionally, because of the power switch men feel out of place. Women don't need them anymore, except to procreate, and then it subconciously makes men feel unwanted and unnecessary. That is just one theory, and my opinion. Good question, SimplyKate.
  • Males are more prone to violence in general.
  • at first, i was really irritated by your question, because, statistically, we as a society have been provent to expect less from female students. but, you're right, stereotypes, and pigeonholing work both ways. perhaps we're not taking care of their emotional needs. we expect boys to have a stiff upper lip, be tough, hide emotion, etc.
  • Excellent question. Failing our boys I'd say. They are traditionally taught from a very young age not to show emotion. Combine that with a society where the media portrays gun battles as macho, guns are easily obtained, a certain biological propensity for violence exists, and the impotence a boy feels in not being able to express his anger, and you have what in my book is a recipe for disaster
  • I think that we are failing males in general in our society. I think we have gone too far in trying to make males get in touch with their feminine sides. I think these kinds of things are a result of that. Males don't have an outlet for their frustration and so it builds up to the point of exploding. I think it's time we realize that we are not the same, males and females. We both have strengths and weakness and both can accomplish anything we just don't take the same paths to get there. Neither way is wrong they are just different. Of course, that is not the only attributing factor to these kinds of tragedies. The family dynamic as well as societal woes contribute greatly to it.
  • lack of sex = increase in violence maybe?
  • Yes, evidently we are. It must be very deep rooted in society and in culture. Violence in entertainment, hour upon hour in participating in violence and finding it popular with others, and calling it entertainment. SimplyKate,I think that this was the best question that I have seen on answerbag all week.
  • It is combination of bottled-up emotions and testosterone which leads to violent males and product of Boys-don't-cry syndrome.
  • Males have traditioanaly tried to solve their problems with violence, it's inherent. We are geneticaly and hormonely differnt than females and want would rather hit first and ask questions later. Just the way it is I think. Females on the other had would rather talk things through and solve issues through communicationa and corporately.
  • Maybe it's because females tend to realise that whatever wrong has been done ending someones life which is a permanent action is the wrong thing to do, no-one should ever think that they have the right to end life (except in situations like ending someones suffering or for the greater good like saving a load of people), I am not really sure. If we can all just take things with a pinch of salt and pity those people who bully or think they are better than us then I believe it makes a better person. Could an aspect of it be that girls tend to make friends easier than boys and benefit more from socialising?
  • I don't really believe we are failing our male students. They have minds and are supposed to be capable of thinking with them. Boys are more prone to express themselves through physical force than girls are. I think what makes such expressions so deadly is the outdated ready availability of weapons to anyone. Anyone, no matter how dysfunctional can get guns in America.
  • You ask a question that has a very complicated answer and is still being researched. It appears to deal with the socialization of males and females in society, which starts at a very young age. Males tend to be socialized toward dominance on nearly every level; the ball field, the classroom, the home, dating, the work place. It is expected that the male will become strong. Part of that socialization includes the suppression of emotion. Men feel, but it's not as acceptable to emote as it is for women. Add to this a higher level of testosterone and the genetic compulsion toward dominance, asn you end up with males committing more violent acts. It's been said that women turn their pain and anger inward, often hurting themselves or taking up self-destructive behaviors. Men turn their anger outward, sometimes hurting others.
  • I have a prediction to make; I believe that we will see females acting out with rage and violence in the near future. Look at all the movies nad TV shows in which there are female stars who are athletic, shooters, kickers and killers. Some are good, some are bad. But in the past 10 years we have been introduced to the bad female adn the tough female and the killing female. As young women grow up with these "role models" I believe they will try to copy them adn begin doing some of the crazy things men/boys do. So I expect to begin reading about women shooters in the future. I'm not happy about this.

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