• Regardless of fitness or fat, it would be extremely unlikely that they would survive. Their organs would shut down. I know of no instance where someone had lived more than 30 days on ONLY water. Though if anyone knows (perhaps Membio) they should share. For more info, check out
  • No fast should ever be longer than 28 days, and in that case, you should have done it before
  • my friend is anorexic...she goes on a month long fast almost every month..... the second she "breaks her fast" by eatting, she starts a new one. and well, since she is still alive, i'm pretty sure you will not die right away. but there is a ton of damage, low blood sugar, low electrolytes and pottasium and other suchness.
  • does death count as internal damage?
  • if you do that, i would suggest once a week, having juice and a small homeade fresh saled (with no dressing or anything on it)
  • Your kidneys would be the first to go.This is not a good idea. +4
  • It can cause kidney damage, liver damage and eventually even heart failure. Most religions where they fast for long periods of time, they eat in the morning and night before the sun is up, and after it sets... and fast the rest of the day... but they do eat.

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