• Well, it's possibly the most effecient way to kill. And one of the three reasons people kill is for entertainment value, the other two being that you want to eat what you've killed or the thing you've killed was annoying you.
  • we like knowing we can defend our-selves. you think our government can keep us safe?
  • I only own one gun, a .22 long-rifle, and it's only used for target's a fun way to pass time...shooting paper! (and paper only)
  • I think gun culture is very much involved in American culture as a whole. I suppose this stems back from the time of the revolution and the original constitution. Repeatedly the right to bare arms has been protected by the government when it has been challenged and I believe many Americans see this as a bastion of their civil rights. Symbolically I feel Americans see their right to purchase and own guns as representing all their civil liberties, in that they need to be defended to safeguard American culture, respect American history and keep America's citizens free. Maybe I'm reading too deeply into it. Perhaps the sole reason is that in this dangerous world we live in guns are perceived as an effective way of defending oneself as well as many people finding them exciting to own and use.
  • I've been a cop for 23 years and I hate them.(Especially cleaning them) I think it about power for everyone but those involved in hunting or competitive shooting.
  • So that we can have cool tombstones that say: Here lies the body of Lester Moore, shot by a forty-four, no Les, no Moore.
  • I love to target practice and go hunting thats why i love them. And i know i can protect myself and my family if my home is ever broken into.
  • Personally I envy the fact Americans can carry guns. Everyone should have the right to be able to protect themselves, except for those who abuse them.
  • Because they are cool for many reasons. You can use them to target practice, hunting, you can use them if needed to protect yourself from a murder. Alot of older men in America just love to collect them and have a collection that is very rare and valueable that have never even been shot.
  • America still has a flavor of the Old West about her. There still are people here who would just as soon shoot you as look at you, or who would shoot you for the contents of your pockets. America is a melting pot from all cultures and races on the face of the earth, and there are always going to be some who lack the intellect to work for what they want, preferring to simply take it at the point of a gun. In addition, the 6th Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees the right of all law-abiding citizens to own a gun. This is the amendment which guarantees all the others. Governments become opressive and must sometimes be overthrown. Gun ownership guarantees that this will be possible.
  • For me it is a basic civil right, the right to defend yourself, your loved ones, and your property. Granted, there may be other means to defend yourself but this is the most effective one short of avoiding the situation altogether but that is not always possible. That is the basic reason why I enjoy my guns, the secondary is that I've always been fascinated by the mechanics of them, the history behind them, its been a real learning experience. A distant third for me is also the real application for putting food on the table. While more of a sport today, I have lived in a situation where it is a vital tool for keeping yourself and family fed.
  • I wish I would've had my gun when our house was robbed,when our car was stolen,when a man tried to get in my car at a stoplight,and last but not least,when that freak walked into my house and upstairs where I was taking a shower.It's not love,it's protection.
  • I don't love guns, as a matter of fact, I don't even like them. But I have one. My teenage daughter and I spend most of our time alone as my husband is an OTR truck driver. We live in the country and if I needed the cops it would take best..20 to 30 minutes to get here. Leave me and mine alone and everything will be fine..bust up in my house uninvited and you're gonna get shot.
  • I actually neither love nor own guns. I respect the danger the pose and loathe their misuse as tools of crime and rage. However I believe in the right to keep and bear them as do most Americans. That is why it is in our Bill of Rights. Sportsmen love them because it is the tool of their sport. Historically we value them because they were the tools of revolution and symbolize individualism and freedom for Americans. Demographically we are a frontier people who moved westward into wide open spaces and dense wildernesses. Guns were necessary for survival for many. Those are some of the reasons.
  • I like guns for hunting, nothing else.
  • America's independence was won by ordinary citizens with guns (militia, minutemen, etc) as well as, later in the conflict, a regular army. Then, the West needed to be conquered, with guns providing food via hunting, and defense from wild animals and the savage Native Americans who weren't big fans of America's Manifest Destiny plan to steal their land. Guns are an American Heritage.
  • Let me list some of the reasons THIS American 'loves' guns: 1. They were an invaluable asset in buying our freedom. 2. They are an invaluable asset in maintaining our freedoms, both at home and abroad. 3. They are a valuable asset in hunting. 4. They are a valuable asset in self defense. 5. They are quite fun to shoot. 6. They are themselves quite the engineering marvel and artistic statement. Finally, let's remember the ultimate purpose of government: to impose rules on the people of a given nation. Ideally, these rules are for the common welfare of the people, but unchecked they ALWAYS end up being tyranical over time. Regardless of what people think, the gun is the last thing between the people and a tyranical government.
  • Ever shot one?
  • Because Its a great tool to end life when you have the desire to kill by an unfair advantage :) I am an Aussie ... We don't have that affection with guns thankfully ... We have strong laws to limit most guns to clubs, armed forces, and police is all. Those few here that do have that love for guns ... are considered to be rednecks ... a little behind the rest of us by a smarts level. Your question ... is a good question. Its 2008 ... how long will it take? No offense intended ... He loved his gun too
  • We all don't. I am one that doesn't. It is said that guns don't kill...people do....that's people with guns...
  • I'm not into guns. At all. People in my family have them becuase of all the bad activity happening (guns,drugs,gangs).
  • This country was founded on the gun, that's why it's the second right given to us by God. The gun represents Independence, survival and safety. It's only the Americans that live in the city that want them gone. For those of us that live far from the cities and rely on our guns in life to maintain life.
  • The other reason that guns are in the constitution is because some of the first presidents believed that it was the citizens who controlled the country, and when the government stepped out of line, they needed a way to fight back. It's a shame that alot of people forget that. People also have to remember, the people who are going to use guns in a harmful non self defensive way, will still use them whether they're banned or not. Banning them only takes them away from law abiding citizens. Not from criminals. How is a law abiding citizen going to protect themselves when the crim has a revolver in his pocket?
  • I'm not American, but I have to ask, who wouldn't "love" guns? Why?

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