• i know im answering my own question, but i personally dont agree with them at all because its putting people out of the job
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      Self-checkouts do not put people out of jobs. If there were none, the person/people monitoring that station would be put on a cash register if needed. Otherwise, they would be assigned other duties.
  • I don't particularly like them. It does put people out of work and it is so isolated. you get no interaction with the store employees.
  • They are ok, but if you dont want to use a bag, some of them can be problematic, as you have to press skip bag after each scanned item.
  • RRR i like them a little bit because i'm impatient and hate waiting in line or sometimes i feel like looking gross and going to the store but at the same time don't want to look gross AND have to interact with someone, but some of them are fiercly annoying. telling you loudly to do the same thing over and over. i hate machines telling me what to do. RRRR!
  • Where I live, there's no difference. You still have to wait for two hours just to buy a few pieces of fruit. It may look all fancy what with the new technology, but it isn't really going to solve any queuing issues. It will also put some out of work, such as the checkout staff
  • It helps cut down on the redundancy of needless jobs. If you're a functioning adult and you have a few items, you should be competent enough to be able to do something. Many Americans I find are too lazy or feel that such a simple little activity is below them. The more self checkouts at the grocery store, then this should be reflected in the lower price that the groceries should cost.
  • I think they come in handy. Some days you just don't want to deal with people, that way you don't have to.
  • I love them when I am buying embarassing stuff like hemmoroid creams, acne medicine and People magazine. =)
  • I like them. They aren't rude, and since I'm going to be ignored anyway, I'd rather it be by a machine than an actual person. Plus I can double bag the really heavy items, without the disapproving look.
  • Aside from cutting back jobs at the store, which can be bad for employees but good for prices at the store, I think Self Check-Outs are a marvelous idea. If I have one or two items, I don't have to wait for the people with a cart full of groceries to check out first. Also, if you're buying things you wouldn't want to face the cashier with, such as condoms, you don't have to worry about it.
  • I don't like them from a professional view. Not only do they cut down on jobs, but there is an increase in theft. Many stores have gotten rid of them for this reason. You need one cashier to keep track of 4 registers plus the main one. At times customers on 2 or three of these registers need help so this adds to wait time. Age restricted items are just one example. Someone doesn't scan properly is another. Produce lookup. . .
  • They are great when you only have a few items to purchase and all of the lines are long. I hate it when people have giant cart loads and use them...not knowing how to use them.
  • Love 'em. Anything that let's me deal with people less is good!
  • I think it's fun to use them when I don't have a lot of groceries, but for my weekly haul, I prefer to have a real person.
  • I recon their pretty good, but like some of those check outs like confuse you, their like "you didnt put your item in the bag area" when you did, and then it goes psycho, so now i only use it if i have abit of groceries.
  • I think they are a pain in the ass. They never work right and I always have a problem. And what am I saving? My groceries still cost the same. The store is saving because they don't have to pay a cashier.
  • I have never disagreed with one anyway! : )
  • They are fine if people only have a few items otherwise grrrrr!!!!!
  • I love them. They're faster ... always long lines at the manned registers and I can zip right through the self-check. I don't think they take away jobs really. I was told by cashiers that if they did away with the self-checks they would certainly not open up an equivalent amount of manned lanes. There's always someone manning the self-check and they like to work there. Plus, I can bag my own groceries and not end up with smashed stuff.
  • I do. I like not having to deal with people grabbing and scanning my stuff if they don't need to. I feel like they're thinking..."I wonder what they are gonna do with this?!?!"
  • I only use them when I only have one or two items but they are forever asking for the assistant or saying that the item is not in the bag! They are essentially a nightmare and will never replace the checkout assistant!
  • They are great until the person at one infront of you doesn't know how to use it and you stand there waiting for an "authorized" assistant. Seriously, they aren't that complicated
  • They can be handy if you have easy things to check out and the machines are working right.
  • I am anti-social most of the time so I like these self check-outs because I can go in a store and not talk to a single person.
  • I guess I agree. If I have a full load, I'll go through the regular checkout. If just a few things then thru the self checkout. Sometimes people are just intimidated with new things........
  • those things are a pain in th a** if you ask me.
  • I can understand why many stores are turning to self- checkouts. Cashiers need to be paid. The switch to self-checkouts reduces the number of employees needed, thus lower operating costs. ATMs at banks was the first step, and was found to be so successful that it became standard. In 2002 or 2003, Safeway in Redwood City got the self-checkout as an experiment. It worked well enough to spread to other stores. In early 2007, the Moffett Field Commissary, where I work, got three self-checkouts.
  • I rarely buy more than five or six items at a time. The self-checkout seems to be the new "express" lane, so I use them often. I don't like that they make less employment, but at the same time they do make things a lot more efficient (until you get in line behind someone who doesn't know what a bar code is or something).
  • I use them a lot. They're so much faster (usually). There's always long lines at the manned lanes and few people at the self-checks. A store employee told me once that they really don't put people out of work. She said that if they closed the 4 self-checkouts, they would never open up 4 manned lanes to replace them.
  • I'm a fan of them. Sadly, the last time I was at the store, I saw a family with TWO fully loaded carts going through one. I really doubt that's what they're there for.
  • Yay!!!Though I do have an issue with that computerized voice telling me to bag my reciept. Happens everytime I buy a phone card slip after I scan it. Go figure, use a plastic bag for an item that I just return to a cashier to re use anyway. It won't let me go until I bag the damn thing which is the kicker. May as well bag air.
  • Whether it be self-check out or, say, transacting something by pressing buttons on the phone, I avoid it and go with using the human being who I think may need his/her job! All those automated things can't smile back at me, ask me how I am, speak with a real human voice...nor has it responsibility for feeding mouths at home. I don't care whether automation may dubiously make it a "little cheaper" for me, I'll pay a little more just for the working guy/gal. Problem is, business organizations are doing everything they can to force us to transact our business without human contact. I don't like it! I press "0" or maybe *-0", or, now with "voice activated" mumble like hell until they say "please hold for a customer service representatve" just to indirectly let them know that I want them to kiss my ass with all of that...and I don't mind standing in a line a little longer before using self check-out, either! Bottom line, I feel good about, maybe, helping to save somebody's job. :-)
  • They're great until they start giving you problems! lol It thought my Wal-Mart discount card was a credit card once!
  • I enjoy using them for the benefit of convenience.
  • I have to weigh in on this. Self-checkouts do NOT cut down on jobs. This is a myth. People don't get hired just for one position - a cashier doesn't get hired just to stand there and check people out. They are assigned other duties. When things get busy and they call for a cashier over the loudspeaker, where do you think that cashier comes from - do they run out and hire one? No - that cashier is doing other things. I don't mind self-checkouts - but then I never have that much stuff at a time. But the option is always open for people to use a cashier if they like - unless they prefer to complain about self-checkouts.
  • I don't see how kiosks are putting people out of work? Every business I go passed has a "Now Hiring" sign in front of it. As for the kiosks, the only ones I don't like are at Hyvee. Bossy, demanding, and unforgiving.
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      Yeah. I hate it when they tell you to have a nice day in their electronic voice, too.
  • They are typically more accurate than the cashiers, and typically much faster as well (especially if you shop in the early AM, as I do).
  • I rarely use them. If they gave me a discount for doing the checkers job, I might use them more often.
  • It's just a guess on my part, but it seems to me that those people who are against self-checkouts are incapable of operating them. But they use them when faced with the option of standing in a long line. This is probably where they get the idea that it takes jobs away. The lack of cashiers has nothing to do with the self-checkouts - it's a management failure.

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