• Don't be too proud to accept hand me down clothes from people. Baby clothes are expensive, and you change them ALOT! And they grow out of them every 3 weeks.
  • I remember when I gave birth to my first son and I was thinking "I dont know what to do with a baby." LOL.It all came naturally. Dont panic when they cry, dont panic when they sleep, dont panic if they dont burp or poop :) Just enjoy and love that little one, and make the best of every moment, they are precious and grow up too fast. Lastly, listen to older Mom's, or Grandmother's they really do know best. CONGRATS>
  • It's the best expierence in the world...for BOTH of you! You don't need "advice", you'll know just what to do when your precious miracle arrives. (It's 'mother's instinct'). Have fun and take care of the little miracle. Congrats!
  • Feed, cuddle and clean them... I don't believe you can spoil a baby until they get around a year old. Enjoy every minute of them, including the unpleasant moments. You will have about 16 years really enjoy them, and then they will start driving. At this time, they will suck about 15 years from your life in the course of about 8 months. I have 1 kid at 13 years, 1 at 16, 1 at 17, 1 at 19, and 1 at 20. Think about it... I am something less than 40, and the first four children have disposed of 60 years of my life in total. I can tell you without hesitation, that we LIKE the 13 year old and the 20 year old, though. Sorry... Had to ramble. Get tips from the grandparents... They obviously did ok, or you wouldn't be here. They will be a good source of support when you are scared, lost, or tired.
  • Congradulations. Just enjoy that precious bundle of joy. Keep record of all your babies new moves. Stay calm. Don't let everybody kiss on the baby; might get pimples. Spend alot of quality time with the baby. Sing and read to the baby and get the baby around other children and around other people. Keep up with all of the baby and mom appointments. Keep record of shots, inches and weight. Hope this is helpful.
  • Love and cherish every moment because they grow up fast.
  • Sleep as much as you can while your still a "soon to be mother". You'll need it when the "soon" turns into "new".
  • Stay home with your child. The most important career any person could have in this life is to be a full-time mother. You will have plenty of time to work in the private sector for some lame pay check. You will never get that time back with your baby.
  • sleep whenever you can. keep lots of burp cloths handy. most mostly first few weeks, your job is to feed and comfort your child. dad should do alllllllll household chores, including making the meals. if anyone offers to help, always have piles of laundry for them to do. you will be amazed at how much that little bit will help. as much skin-to-skin time as possible, this goes for dad too. it is great for bonding. good luck.
  • Sleep when your baby sleeps. Take an extra shirt for yourself along with the diaper bag, Yes it is suppossed to look like mustard (you will understand this soon) The shower is a great place for a mom to cry, that is where I do mine. Love, love and more love. Congrats :)
  • Don't be afraid to ask for advice, but more importantly, don't feel as though you have to use every bit of advice you get. People will overwhelm you with "I did this with my kids, I know..." and be all know-it-all on you, or act like you are a bad parent if you don't do what they say. My advice is, listen to it all, but only use what feels right, what works for you and your baby and your lifestyle. True, some things that sound weird actually work well, but if it just doesn't feel right to you, don't do it. You will be the best mother for YOUR baby.You will do just fine. I wish I could do it all over again. The most important advice I can give from my own personal experience: ENJOY YOUR BABY EVERY MOMENT YOU CAN, DON'T EVER TAKE A SINGLE MOMENT FOR GRANTED. You never know how long they will be yours to hold. Take as many pictures as you can, and treasure every moment, every memory. That goes for EVERY parent out there. When the kids drive you crazy and you think your hands are full, just picture how sad it would be if your hands were empty.
  • Lots of great advice, so far. The only thing I could add is to be aware of how much milk you’re producing, and if it’s not enough, get help—fast. Our son was probably hungry the entire first week of his life—he certainly lost over 10% of his body weight!—because my wife’s milk never came in sufficiently and it took that long to get assistance that was appropriate to our situation . :-( Pay attention to that little boy or girl. S/he’ll let you know what s/he needs!
  • Don't expect any certain things about the birth or the first few days. Nothing will come out exactly the way you think that things are going to go. Be patient. Try to relax and take things one day at a time. Ask for help if you need it. Enjoy the first few days with your is priceless. Write in a journal the last few days of your pregnancy, during the birth, in the hospital, and shortly after being at home. It will be a nice gift for your little one on their 18th birthday. Good luck!!!
  • Do not over dress your child. If you are hot, so are they. Don't spend so much time taking pictures and videos of your child that you miss out on the pleasures of their childhood. Memories are more precious than pictures. When you take your child out in public, remember what annoyed you about other people infants before you had yours, try to be considerate. I know it is not always easy, but try.
  • Sleep as much as possible and tell your significant other right now how much you love them, just in case they may feel otherwise later...
  • be careful who you take advice from. just because they have been there and done that, doesn't mean they've done it right. for example, don't let your child crawl around the floor in doctors offices because someone tells you it will build their immune system. use your intuition.
  • Best piece of advice I was given was to continue to do what you and the father want to do, make the baby fit in with your lifestyle. And do not tip toe around when they are asleep, let them get used to sleeping around noise. I used to hoover under my sons cot when he slept, and he will sleep through anything now. Sometimes it is hard getting them to go to sleep in other houses when you are visiting friends but if you do it from the start they get used to it. We can now go anywhere and Sam will sleep anywhere. He does not get woken up by the phone ringing and as he has had so many experiences (traveling around the world, sailing, sleeping on trains...)he takes most new ones in his stride. Have fun, it is the best experience in the world, and at the end of the day after everyone has given you their advice, you are the Mum and you will know best :)

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