• The Grumman postal LLV does not exist as a used vehicle, mostly because LLV stands for long life vehicle. The problem is that if they are drivable or can be repaired there is no reason to take it off the route. The only way one can be purchased is if somehow one slipped through the cracks and ended up in salvage. If it made it to salvage there is doubt that it would be worth anything but scrap. There are several other vehicles with right hand drive if you are just looking for a delivery vehicle. A new LLV could probably be purchased from Grumman.
  • Just takes a little luck.I found one in Phx,Az It was owned by a carrier.She had to buy it for her route.Its a 1991 Grumman LLV and it's in pretty nice condition.I am also open to offers if anyone is interested.
  • I would also be interstred in the LLV.... I am looking for one to make a street rod out of....... please contact if interested in selling.
  • gumman olson is now morgan olson and Is located in sturgis mich .I have workrd for them for 31 years complete bodies can be purchased from our parts catalog due to the price of allumimn you would have to call for current pricing. LLV,s make cool customs I am currently putting the original LHD pilot unit back on a chassis they used S10 chassis mine was a proto type so it is longer than the production models; production models fit on 2 door blazer chassis modified to RHD mine rest on the longer short wheel base chassis good luck on your project not all LLV,s went to the post office so some do show up in the aftermarket

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