• In my opinion _no_ guns make good toys for preteen and teenage kids. When I was growing up, my mum emphasised the importance of not thinking of guns as just something to play with - that's stuck with me to this day, I have a great respect for guns and don't really like them that much all said - it's a good attitude to have in my opinion. I'd say that the most I'd ever give to one of my children (were I to have any, but that's still to come... God help me) would be a supersoaker - and even then there'd be strong words about the dangers of guns. I think that to give a young child a gun, even if it's only a toy one, is to trivialise something that is a deadly weapon when you boil it down to the basics. Plus paintball guns are expensive to boot, and you can really, seriously hurt somebody if you fire it at them - last time I went paintballing, I got hit on the top of my hand three times in rapid succession from an opponent, and I still have a slight discolouration at the point of impact. Those paint pellets hurt like hell. Just my opinion though, everyone has their own.
  • Paintball guns can be fun and educational, but require a certain degree of maturity to use properly. There are the traditional issues related to gun safety, especially how to avoid accidental weapon discharge in "safe" areas. Then there are special issues for paintball, like proper use of face protectors. Contrary to popular belief, paintballs do NOT hurt as badly as you think.... so long as the gun's muzzle velocity doesn't exceed the 250-300 FPS limit that most courses mandate and the firer is a reasonable distance away. Common etiquette around here is that within about eight feet or so, you hold fire and give your opponent the chance to surrender. At closer ranges, it could hurt enough that any honorable, right-minded player will usually concede defeat rather than risk a bruise. At longer ranges, the ball has slowed enough to not pose much risk of pain. I have taken many hits to the torso in nothing but a t-shirt and been shot in the bare hand a few times with no more than a sting that went away within a few minutes. I have been hit in parts of my head not covered by the (mandatory) facemask/goggle I was wearing and shaken it off. Good paintball equipment is a little pricey for a hobby, especially when you add in the cost of protective equipment, air tank refills, and paintballs. Any decent gun worth having will run at least $150... used Before you make the investment, ask yourself, "Is this child is mature enough to be trusted to handle anything capable of possible bodilly harm in a safe, fair, and sportsman-like manner?". Personally, I think that this precludes most children under the age of 12 and many under 18.... and a few over 30 EDIT - Some low-quality balls, and balls frozen by cheaters, don't burst as they should and will cause injury. The course I play mandates the exclusive use of a particular high-quality ball issued by them so that they know they were not frozen. Also, shots from high muzzle velocity guns and/or close range DO hurt, even for those of us with a fairly high pain threshold.
  • In my experience, teens and pre-teens with paintball guns are a horrible mix. Of course i'm being biased, because the area I live in, which used to be a really nice area, is now degenerating really fast, but every halloween when the kids go out with paintbull guns, you have broken windows, ruined doors, pain-spattered houses and cars, injured pets and injured people. I would only get a paintball gun for a kid who has shown responsibility and is mature, though in most cases I'd never dream of handing a paintball gun to a pre-teen or teen. But like I said, that's bias talking. If the kid you're talking about getting the gun for is the type that's getting into fights on a daily basis, getting suspsended from school, getting bad grades and getting into trouble, then you might as well just hand the kid a real gun and get it over with. But if its a kid who is just interested in the sport of paintball and is a responsible, mature kid, then there's no problem. But keep on eye out anyway.
  • Ahem, hello. I have to disagree. I'm only 10 yrs. old, and I went paintballing last Sunday. It can be dangerous, but people are always permitted a mask/goggles, so right off the bat, their eyes are TOTALLY safe! Plus there's gear to protect you in other places. Oh, yes, and the games are Reffereed, so if anyone gets hurt, or anything bad happens, there's people there. Paintball is a sport, and is a very SAFE sport. That all I have to say.
  • Probably not. Especially if you let them have the gun at times other than when they are at a licensed facility to use them wehre they will be wearing required protection. Paintballs can cause serious injuries if you are not wearing protection. Especially since boys seem to like aiming for the crotch, if the guy isnt wearing a cup theres a chance he's never having kids because of the injury it can cause. This will in turn get you sued. As well, there has been alot of publicity about those idiot teenagers that drive around towns shooting people with paintball guns. If you want your kid to have better hand-eye coordination, i suggest teaching them to play basketball instead.
  • You are using a rather offensive term for the paintball MARKERS. the term gun is rather offensive to most paintball players. also i recieved my first gun when i was 11 years old and as did most of the people around my neighborhood. as long as all safety precautions are stressed and the marker does not leave the house unsupervised, the pre-teen/teen should be fine with it.
  • Here are some good reasons paintball guns are good toys for pre-teen and teen aged kids. #1. If you wear the gear, it shouldn't hurt that bad to compare it to hell. The worst it could do is leave a bruise. #2. All of my friends have paintball guns and one of them works at a paintball course. #3 The paintball gun itself cost the most but after that, it gets prety cheap. My same friend in #2 got a couple tanks of CO2 and a tub of paintballs (a lifetime supply) for about $35. #4 Learning how a paintball gun works could also be educational. #5 THERE FUN!!!!!!! You've got to let your kid grow and have a little fun in life. You can't just say that your kid is not responsible unless you've given your kid a chance.
  • Yes, paintball markers are good toys for teens, but any younger, it may be out of hand. The term gun... it's just... not right. It's a marker used to mark (Hence Paintball Marker...) a player with the paintball. But yes these can shoot at 200mph+ so they can be dangerous if used inappropriately. But the sport of paintball is safer than golf.
  • A parent must be carefull when purchasing a paintball marker for his or her child. Paintball can be a very fun, and safe sport if played properley. I personally have worked at a paintball feild for over 10 years, and have yet to have a paintball related injury happen at the feild. A parent must keep close watch over the marker and only allow the child to play on a insured feild with trained refs. If played in this controled invronment paintball can be among the safest sports, According to a recent statistical analisis you are more likely to become injured bowling then when playing paintball at a licensed facility
  • Hi I am 15 and i have had a paintball gun for 2 years and if it is used properly it would be no problem. I sometimes shoot mine in my back yard but never has any of my friends gone out on halloween and shot something or somebody. It all depends on the kid.
  • Pre-teens - No. Teens- Yes, so long as they know safety proceedures, have a good place to use them, know fail-safes, have all of the proper equiptment and most importantly, use them properly. ( Make sure that they know the difference beetween those guns and deadly guns.!!!)
  • No. They are not toys, they can sometimes be considered firearms. They are very dangerous, so you should probably use them in a paintball area where they have local paintball games.
  • yes in fact go buy them one
  • plain and simple... if you think your kid is responsible then sure!
  • Ok all you parents, if you have raised your kids right they wont do stupid things with paintball guns, you just have to show them the responsibility that comes with having a paintball gun. I started when i was 9 and im currently playing competively all over the usa at the age of 14, paintball is all about team work and making new friends, not to mention it gives you something physcal to do besides sit aroud on you ass and play video games all day. So my answer is yes that it is a great toy to get for your teen, because if you show them the resbonsiblity that having a paintball gun brings, then they will in return act more mature about it. Hey and that one guy who posted above about how the kids "WENT out ON HALLOWWEEN WITH PAINT BALL GUNS AND SHOT STUFF", dude get a life its illegal to do that, and that rarely happens in the u.s., matter of fact there was a study, in the u.s.a only two illegal missuses with a paintball guns happen every year. So my answer is yes.
  • All you people that say that paintball guns shouldnt be given to teens are only looking at the bad side of paintball. In fact out of every 1000 people that play paintball only 0.2 of them get injuries. Running gets 0.4. And when you say that those kids are bringing the guns to school and stuff. If its your kid then its 99% your fault. Because you are too bad of a parent that you cant teach your kid right and wrong from the beginning of their lives. You are to blame. If you were a good and smart parent you would have been teaching your kids right about that kind of stuff from the very beginning. How the kids think is based on what you think and teach them. So I dont want to hear anything from those parents and people that have problems with it because its all their fault. And to all of those people that dont have kids that do all of that bad stuff. GET OFF THEIR CASE!!! If it was your business then they would be your kids or they would have done something to your property. People are the same way with video games. They say that the video games are corrupting their childrens lives. Well obviously it isnt the kids fault. They dont go out and buy the games for themselves. They arent able to buy the game if they arent of age. So if your kid is "influenced" by the game, then that is once again the parents fault. The parent is dumb enough to buy the kid the game, if the parent is worried about their child being influenced by the game, then DONT BUY THEM THE GAME!!!!! Those games are made for people that match the rating on the case. Not your kids.
  • I am 13 and i have been playing competitive paintball for over 7 years. it is fine for teens and it is the same expirence as being on a baseball or hockey team.
  • For the average teenager, no. paintball guns are just like bb guns, except the projectile is larger. being hit by a paintball can hurt. eye protection should be worn at all times. Deciding on whether your teenager is qualified for a paintball gun, should rest with their maturity, safety consciousness, and ability to follow the rules. you know your children better than anyone. if i had just one doubt, i would say no.
  • First of all Paintball is a sport, and like any other sport, you should not play it unless you have all of the equipment. Also Paintball is on the bottom of the list of sports injuries. I doubt there are any parents reading this, but if there are, paintball is a very safe sport as long as your children follow the rules. Paintball guns do not look like real firearms, like airsoft guns. Paintball is fun and teens/preteens should be allowed to play as long as thier parents talk to them about it.
  • Yes, but make sure they have at least masks and gloves. Start them off with a pump gun($20-30) so they learn the basics. Hand signals CO2 Hopper Gun (Bronze eagle recommended) Barral plugs Safety No frozen paintballs No marbles Then move to a semi auto($50+) Remember to play at an approved course or in a rural area. If fact, you can make your own course and start a club for you area. Have fun.
  • i think so, if they are using them right
  • If you have a mature child than a paintball gun wouldn't be a problem. Paintballs don't hurt very much, so anyone over 12 who is responsable could play and enjoy themselves.
  • putting it as a "toy" the answer is no it is a weapon it can heart someone and you can get in trouble with it! now if you have the responsibility paintball can be a fun activity i have participated in such for around two years now, if you do decide to to purchase a paintball marker for the individual/s try and play togeather as a family, it may sound lame but kids enjoy a good battle with their parents at their side! and remember always be safe and good luck to all!!
  • well it all depend on what kind of teen your dealing with. i myself am 14 and own three high quality paintball guns. (ego8, dm7 and etek ego) at first my parents were a little skeptical about letting me get a paintball gun. i had to earn their trust and come up with good reasons to convince them to let me get one. (plus i had to pay for them by working my but off the past few years but thats another story) the thing about guns is that they dont hurt people, its irresponsible people WITH guns that hurt others. thats why unless you have a huge backyard or live close to a paintball field that can provide a safe place to shoot the gun id have to advise against it. but if the person is interested in taking up paintball as a sport than there are certain precautions that you must take to make sure that nothing bad is going to happen. first off, go to your local paintball field/store or onto the internet and try to find out about the sport see if you are okay with it. also make sure that the person is willing to commit to paintball before you go off spending hundreds of dollars on equipment that he or she wont even use. next go to your local paintball shop and compare prices on gear. in this category there are a few things you would need. if you are just planning to shoot in the back yard, this is what you would need. first of all a marker(gun). for backyard shooting i wouldnt reccoment a top of the line one and a half thousand dollar gun. maybee something cheap like between 100 and 300 dollars. next you would need a loader(hopper). this comes down to two choices, electric(force fed) or gravity fed. the difference between these two is that inside the electric loader there is a spinning wheel that you could adjust to feed paintballs into the gun at a certain speed whereas the gravity fed loader just lets the ball drop into the feed electric loader can cost anywhere from 50 to 170 dollars whereas a gravity fed loader will cost about 2 to 10 dollars. the next necessary item would be an air source. here you can choose between Co2 or hPa(compressed air, nitrogen w.e) in this case i would reccomend is more expensive but here is a video link that will explain why its better. then comes a mask. in this sittuation its up to you because any mask would be okay as long as its specifically designes for paintball. the last and one would be paint. for backyard use you don need tournament paint like dxs or rps. just go with something cheap like second paintballs or dxs rainbow that you can get off of if you are actually thinking of playing on a team and taking this up as a sport you would also need the following including the what was already listed. a jersey, pants, gloves, neck collar, knee and elbow pads, cleats, a cup(athletic protector),slider shorts and if you are afraid of getting hit maybe a chest you might also want to go with a gun that is a little bit of better quality such as an all electronic gun insterad of a spring gun. (REMEMBER: if you gat an electronic gun, DO NOT USE CO2 BECAUSE THE ELECTRONICS WILL FREEZE UP AND BREAK!!!!!) the rest basically depends on you and how far you are willing to go with this. start of simple just a cheap gun, air, a mask, a hopper and paint and see where it goes from there.
  • i dont think so
  • Any gun used to shoot another person is bad. It teaches them it is OK to kill people. Teens cannot handle this correctly.

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