• Most of the websites declare the origin of "moolah" to be unknown, but I found this on a website discussing French influence on the English language: Moola, moolah - mill, from le moulin The latter syllable may or may not be accented. This word may be the origin of the English slang meaning of "moolah" as "money", as mills are even today equated with income in the Northwest, i.e. "the smell of money", as the saying goes.
  • Moolah is a Fijian word literally meaning 'money'
  • I was stationed in Osnabruck, Germany in the early eighties and my barracks were close to the Turkish quarters. The younger Turks used to refer to money as 'moolah'. It was only recently that I learned that a 'moolah' is a highly positioned judge or respected or religious man, could this be the root to the word?
  • moolah is derived from the spanish word for "money" used by the native tribes of hawaii.
  • in Pali language (buddhist scripture) muula = (1)money (2)root so money is the root of...

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