by mrbr1989 on April 5th, 2010



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do u girls like to sniff your own panties?


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  • by cancer on April 5th, 2010


    Well I have sniffed my panties to make sure they are clean not to smell myself though. Now on the other hand I do like to smell my fingers after playing with myself. There are times I can smell myself several hours later. I do enjoy that.

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  • by Sex-C-RN on February 20th, 2011


    I sniff my panties every time I use the bathroom, I really like my own scent and I find it interesting, being a nurse, that I can tell where I am in the ovulation cycle based on my scent. I've always loved my scent and my fiance looks at me strange when I remove my panties and smell them. It's just something I enjoy doing, no big deal. I would never smell his though, the scent of a woman is unique and intoxicating.

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  • by pantycouple on October 13th, 2010


    I am a woman who enjoys sniffing not only my panties but other womans panties. I know sort of weird a woman who likes to sniff and lick panties but there are more girls out there than you realize that enjoy sniffing and licking panties. Girls are curious and many girls do it out of curiosity and many do it for the excitement of it and the pleasure. To me it excites me to sniff panties, every woman smells so different. I also like to sniff my own panties, many woman are comfortable with there own juices, most woman will kiss a guy after he has gone down on them, and many do it because they like the taste of themselves especially after being turned on, some do it to check and make sure they are fresh if you know what I mean but many as I said like myself enjoy the scent of themselves, so for me it was natural to wonder what other girls smell and taste like. My husband loves that I do this and we often will be sniffing a pair of mine or if we were lucky enough to be able to borrow some panties we will be sniffing those while having intercourse. Nothing like having your butt up and nose down in a pair of panties while your husband is behind you. I have sniffed just about all of my friends, many of there sisters or mothers panties, a few neighbors panties, and one co workers panties as I house sat for her. Check out our profile for more about us.

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  • by Indyla on August 7th, 2010


    I tend to involuntarily leak a few drops when i sneeze or giggle, and I do sniff to check if i have before putting them in the wash. Its become almost instinctive now.

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  • by KariSwitch on April 5th, 2010


    I have sniffed my panties before. It's not something i do everyday. I wouldn't say it enjoy it. I did it the first time because I caught my bf at the time sniffing them.

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  • by meowmeow72 on December 13th, 2011


    i love sniffing my panties, especially if i wear a thong and it's been up my butt all day and the scent left behind where my butthole was.

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  • by haleydavies80 on July 28th, 2011


    I love it!! I love it so much I decided to create my own website where men from all over the world can come and experience my soaking wet panties! Some of my friends liked the idea so joined me in providing this sexy service to the world! Come say hi!!
    Haley xxx

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