by GeorgeGee left Answerbag (What's this?) on February 7th, 2010

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What's the best lunch in the world?

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  • by NedBigbyFan on February 7th, 2010


    Well *smiles and looks at you* there's alot of best lunches out there...Pizza is one of them..and so is a sub from Subway xD it's all good

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  • by MaahiGupta on February 15th, 2010


    I am a Vegetarian so i prefer delicious Gobi Masala with Chapati or Nan

    Here's a recipe of these two dishes, if u want to make them any day.

    Gobi Masala

    you can make any of the chapati of your choice.

    i am sure you will also luv it.

  • by Logan123 on February 8th, 2010


    The best lunch in the world to eat at is my mother's home cooking, but this is just an opinion.

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