• At many Super Bowl parties, adults aren't the only ones in attendance. Children are guests, as well. This is why your Super Bowl party should be as kid-friendly as possible. Creating a safe and festive environment for the little ones is the best way to throw a party that both adults and the kids will enjoy.

    Create a Kids-Only Area

    Both adults and their children will appreciate a kids-only play area. This will allow the adults to focus on the game and the kids to play as they please. Provide plenty of entertainment designed for the kids who are football fans and those who aren't interested in the game. For the sports fan, have paper football games and sports-themed video games at the ready. For nonfans, be armed with coloring books, art supplies, kid-friendly movies and board games.

    Decorate With Kid-Friendly Crafts

    Create an atmosphere that allows kids to feel welcomed. Decorate with cutouts of paper footballs or team paraphernalia. If possible, provide craft materials so the children can make their own artwork. They will love seeing their work on display in their special area or taking home their projects after the game.

    Provide the Right Snack Foods

    Kids like to indulge on Super Bowl Sunday as much as adults do, but keep the children's health in mind when you plan your menu. Provide plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with some lower-calorie chips and popcorn. For kids with a sweet tooth, you can also have cookies, cakes and cupcakes--with their parents' permission, of course. Consult with parents before game day to discuss any food allergies their children might have.

    Keep it Fun and Safe

    Before your guests arrive, take strides to make the kids area as safe as possible. Cushion any sharp corners, block access to danger areas and put small, sharp items on unreachable top shelves. Keep adult supervision on the kids at all times, so everyone can feel worry-free during the game. If possible, designate someone to play referee and watch the children while the adults are watching the big game.


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