• Heroin is a powerful opiate that gives users a rush of euphoria, followed by extreme listlessness. Heroin is highly addictive, and chronic use can be very damaging to a user's health. Methadone clinics are available to help those who become dependent.

    Methadone Facts

    Methadone is a narcotic that's used for pain control. For heroin addicts, methadone reduces cravings and eliminates withdrawal symptoms, without the "high" that they get from the illicit drug.

    Clinic Function

    Methadone clinics offer outpatient programs that give heroin addicts controlled access to methadone for the purpose of treating their addiction.

    Admission Procedure

    Clinics do a preliminary screening of patients, including drug abuse history, addiction patterns and any other factors that could interfere with treatment, such as illness, pregnancy, or the use of alcohol or other illicit drugs.


    Based on a patient's history, addiction stage and whether he is in active withdrawal, a treatment plan is devised. A dose of methadone is usually provided once daily in liquid form, and the patient is supervised while he takes it.


    Methadone treatment, especially when followed long-term, saves patients and insurance companies untold amounts of money, and reduces drug-induced crime, violence and fatalities, according to the Office of National Drug Control Policy.


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