• Migraines affect hundreds of millions of people around the world. These painful and debilitating headaches are caused by many different conditions, but they have some similar symptoms to watch.

    Severe Head Pain

    The pain of a migraine will often begin on one side of the head and start out as a moderate pain. It will then increase in severity and may even spread to the entire head. Migraine sufferers generally describe the pain as throbbing or pulsating.

    Increased Sensitivity

    Most migraines create sensitivity to light and sound. The severity of this sensitivity depends on the victim and the attack. Some sufferers must wear sunglasses and ear plugs during their migraines; others must remain isolated in dark rooms for hours.


    People who suffer from migraines often feel intense nausea. Migraine-related nausea may or may not be accompanied by vomiting.


    Changes in your vision may occur during migraines, including seeing flashes of light or seeing a glowing light, known as an aura, around your field of vision.


    Migraine sufferers often feel a migraine coming before it occurs. This is referred to as premonition. Common premonition symptoms include intense energy, strange cravings, thirstiness, drowsiness, irritability and depression.


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