• A chemical peel, usually performed by a dermatologist, involves using a chemical solution to help remove damaged outer layers of the skin, revealing a new layer of skin with an overall improvement in tone, evenness and texture.


    Chemical peels may improve or enhance one's appearance, boosting confidence.


    People who seek chemical peels often include those who suffer from wrinkles, age spots, liver spots, blotchiness, acne scars or uneven skin pigmentation.


    People who've suffered from wrinkles as a result of sun damage may be good candidates for chemical peels, although having this procedure will not prevent or slow the aging process.

    Expert Insight

    Though it's a relatively safe procedure, the aftermath of a chemical peel may include redness, soreness and itching. Skin peeling may continue for up to 14 days after the procedure. Patients are advised to wear sunscreen to protect the skin.


    Chemical peels will not shrink your pores, remove deep scars or fix loose or sagging skin on the face.


    American Academy of Dermatology: Chemical Peeling

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