• If you want to host a fun Super Bowl party without having to foot the entire bill, you can enlist the help of your friends and guests to have a successful party without breaking your wallet. By having everyone chip in to make the party a hit, you can pool resources and not be overwhelmed by the expenses of throwing a great Super Bowl party.

    Combine TV Setups

    If you are hosting the Super Bowl party, you will need to have a nice enough television so that all of your guests can comfortably watch the game. You don't need to have high-quality surround sound, but having a good TV and sound setup is a big plus. Combine the technology of you and your friends to make the day most ideal set up possible. Maybe one friend has a great subwoofer while the other has an excellent set of speakers; combine these, and you'll have great sound. On a similar note, be sure to check that your TV is digital ready and able to receive the channel the football game will be on.

    Organize a Pot Luck

    An easy way to cut back on your food budget is to call on your guests' culinary skills. Have each guest bring a dish to the event, whether it be an appetizer, side dish, drinks or dessert. You might want to plan this aspect of your party well in advance so you don't have too many repeats of the same dish---you don't want to get stuck with 30 bowls of nachos. If you have guests that are not really into cooking, ask them to pick up something from the store or contribute to your party food budget. However, in the interest of being a good party host, do not make feel guilty any of your guests who fail to bring a dish to the big game.

    Keep it Casual

    There is no need to make Super Bowl Sunday a black-tie event. Keep the day easy and casual to avoid any unnecessary expenses. For example, there is no need to decorate your living room with team paraphernalia. Your party food does not have to be served on polished silver, and you don't need to hire a professional cleaning service in advance to be sure your home is presentable. You don't even need to have any expensive party games or favors to offer your guests. Skip the money needed for these things, and focus your budget on a well-stocked fridge and cold drinks.


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