• Even with today's advanced medical systems and procedures, the exact cause of carcinoid tumors/cancer cannot be pinned down with any meaningful level of certainty. However, studies have revealed some correlations between lifestyles and circumstances and carcinoid tumor manifestation.


    The root physical manifestation of carcinoid tumors/cancer is mutated DNA. This mutation allows for the cells of the neuroendocrine system to reproduce uncontrollably, forming a mass that continues to grow. Eventually, the mass begins to invade surrounding tissues.

    Suspected Causes

    The leading suspected cause is chemically induced mutation by chemicals referred to as mutagens. There are many mutagen compounds in the world, with most of them present in everyday items, atmosphere and food. Another highly suspected cause is a hereditary condition of malfunctioning DNA codes.

    Risk Factors

    There are risk factors regarding carcinoid tumor manifestation. Older adults are more likely to develop carcinoid tumors than young adults. Family history is significant, as inherited DNA mutations often advance into carcinoid cancer conditions. Smoking tobacco also has been identified as a contributing factor to the development of carcinoid cancer.

    Signs and Symptoms

    Gastrointestinal tumors include abdominal pain, bowel obstruction, changes in bowel movements, and diarrhea. Respiratory effects include chest pain, difficulty breathing and recurrent pneumonia. Rectal bleeding is associated with tumors in or near the rectum.

    Continued Studies

    Though there are strong indicators as to what causes carcinoid tumors in the human body, much more research is required in order to concretely identify neuroendocrine cell mutagens and develop both pre- and post-development treatments.


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