• HMDI stands for High-Definiton Multimedia Interface. It was invented by a group of electronics manufacturers in 2003 for the transmission of high-quality video and audio, mostly in a home theater environment.

    HDMI Basics

    HDMI is a digital technology, so it sends its information in strings of zeros and ones. Certain strings translate to colors and sounds on a television.


    HDMI cables easily support a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, plus multi-channel surround sound.


    HDMI is the default connection for Blu-ray players. You may also see it on computer monitors, video cameras and digital still cameras.


    Digital signals don't degrade as smoothly as analog signals. This barrier is known as the "digital cliff," and an HDMI cable starts encountering problems after about 30 feet


    It is extremely unlikely that you will need a fancy HDMI cable for your home theater. You can purchase them online for less than $1 per foot.



    • Roaring
      Excellent information, especially the last suggestion. People don't realize that a $60 cable with a fancy name and color will functionally do the exact same job as a $3 cable
  • See Official Know-It-All's post. I want to emphasize one often overlooked fact that an expensive hdmi cable with a fancy name and color will not give you any better signal than a $3 cable. So don't get duped by ads that claim expensive hdmi cable will give you better clearer picture and sound. Nonsense! Unlike Analog,, with digital information, you either have the complete digital signal information or it does not function.
  • It's a multimedia cable similar to the VGA cable, with the added benefit it also carries sound. Thus it reduces cable clutter as well as gives better quality multimedia capabilities.

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