• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Pig Ears are Dangerous and Unhealthy

    Pig ears contain no nutritional value for a dog and are high in fat and full of preservatives. Eating a lot of pig ears can make a dog feel sick or increase his weight. They can also result in choking. There have even been cases of salmonella being transmitted through pig ears.

    On the Other: Pig Ears Can Be An Extra Special Treat

    Even though pig ears are not healthy, they are okay to give to a dog as an occasional extra special treat. Dogs enjoy the taste.

    Bottom Line

    Pig ears are not good for dogs. They are nutritionally unhealthy for a dog and pose a choking hazard. If you have a very large dog (choking is less of a risk with large breeds) and watch him while he eats the pig ear, they can be used as a rare, special treat.


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